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Community Initiatives Drive The Agenda For Clean Energy

Involving a community in a product development makes it more easily acceptable, as the people involved feel they were involved in the creation process. This is what Teddy Kinyanjui, the sustainability manager at Cookswell Jikos, a company that was started by his late father in the 1980’s believes in. Sustainable Development Goal 7 seeks to

Experts Believe Implementing Environmental Policies Will Lessen The Burden Of Global Warming

“Integrating climate change into our development plans will ensure that global warming does not pose the biggest threat in our livelihoods” John Kioli Executive Director at the Green Africa Foundation stated in an interview We have all seen the devastating effects of climate change that have rendered many people homeless, children orphans and businesses ruined

What chances do humans have with geoengineering?

One shrill attribute among scientists is their ingrained audacity. From their earlier desire to fly to their current ambitions of extraterrestrial tourism. Science and its practitioners, the scientists, is a world defined by unimaginable imaginations that are brought to reality. It is they, the scientists, who warned us of the global ticking time bomb of

KCIC Group holds ‘Akwaaba’ to reset and further build the organisation

KCIC Group yesterday held a team building event best known to the company as ‘Akwaaba’, to unwind after a busy first quarter of the year and also interact physically for the first time after the pandemic hit globally. ‘Akwaaba’ which means welcome in Twi, a language of the  Akan people of Ghana, is an activity

Investment in commercial forestry is overdue

Today, the globe is faced by a myriad of challenges among them climate change and environmental degradation. In response to these challenges, environmental protection has received significant global attention. While environmental protection entails a wide range of actions, forest and forest cover forms a major front of action.  The essence of forests cannot be overstated,

Sustainability is profitability

Over the years, every entrepreneur has been fixing their eyes on the returns from the business. Some businesses such as plastic processing and polythene paper processers have ended up being banned and others brought to untimely closure due to the unsustainability of the business in the long run. In the current era, the profitability and

How to Integrate small-scale farmers into the global market.

Small-scale agriculture is the primary source of food, it contributes 80 percent of the food consumed in a majority of developing countries. This high percentage therefore points at the role played by small-scale agriculture in tackling  food security, as a source of food and as a source of livelihood for a large number of people

How the world can build sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies

We are living in unprecedented times when the world is grappling with various difficulties of climate change and interlinked vulnerabilities radiating from globalization. Quality standard of life for humans and other components of the ecosystem is under peril. There are numerous disasters that continue to shock the world as well as other chronic stresses that

  • Solomon Irungu N
  • January 12, 2021
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47-Champions Awards a hope for agri-entrepreneurship

The historic era of Covid-19 prevalence has delivered unprecedent tough stretches with a myriad of tribulations, among them food insecurity. These are tough times full of limbo for many, whether in business or in employment. As has been witnessed, this pandemic has brought along an economic meltdown even as governments and allied players try to

  • Solomon Irungu N
  • November 9, 2020
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Time to implement the CSA strategy to enable sustainability in agriculture

Land is key to supporting livelihoods and economies- it is the primary source of food, energy and a host of natural resources. Yet we are living at a time when unpredictable weather patterns aggravate drought and desertification, resulting to loss of arable land. This disproportionately affects communities who so much depend on it- either directly