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Month: January 29, 2021

Cocoponics Africa: Promoting sustainable farming through coco peats

As new trends in the agribusiness sector continue to emerge with new ideas popping up regularly, more and more companies are coming up with sustainable solutions to help small scale farmers grow for a better future.  With the aim of providing affordable, locally sourced and sustainable agricultural solutions to small scale farmers in Kenya, Gladys

Kisii and Uasin Gishu sign MOU with KCIC to bring more wealth to farmers

The County Governors of Kisii and Uasin Gishu, H.E James Ongwae and H.E Jackson Mandago respectively, have signed an agreement with Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) to support a remarkable project that will accelerate wealth creation for the people in the two counties and the neighbouring areas. The project is designed to change the lives

Agri-Flora Organic Solutions: Encouraging organic farming for sustainable food security

There has been a trend to encourage organic farming to improve global food security which continues to be a concern to most 3rd world countries. Agri Flora Organic Solutions is one upcoming company trying to encourage this kind of farming. Incorporated in 2016, the company uses fully decomposed animal and plant waste to process organic

SolarFresh: A technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer

Sustainable and effective cold chains are crucial for the transportation of food and medicine, but in many parts of rural Africa they have been sorely lacking. Tackling this issue is a Kenyan startup SolarFresh, which is using solar energy in fruits and vegetable cold transportation trucks and retail kiosks. “Two years ago, I set off

Green Pavers: Housing Africa using plastic waste

Using one of the country’s problems to solve another is the philosophy behind Green Pavers whose mission is to develop affordable housing materials from recycled plastic. Did you know that Nairobi County generates 30 metric tonnes of waste of which 20 percent is plastic? . One out of three residents of Nairobi cannot afford a

A mobile app that could solve Nairobi’s water supply problems

Turning on the tap to get a glass of water, brush your teeth or take a shower should not be a guessing game. A metallic taste, sulfuric smell or unsightly residue cannot only ruin a cold drink, but also can be a hazard to health and home. More so, the lack of access and the

Kenya’s first AI powered machine vision system making agriculture more predictable for farmers

One of the main challenges that most farmers in Kenya face today is the lack of reliable information about their crops on the farm. Farm-level information that makes for better decision making regarding the quality of their crops, harvest yields and production costs. Due to this, farmers experience major losses annually that could be avoided. 

How the world can build sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies

We are living in unprecedented times when the world is grappling with various difficulties of climate change and interlinked vulnerabilities radiating from globalization. Quality standard of life for humans and other components of the ecosystem is under peril. There are numerous disasters that continue to shock the world as well as other chronic stresses that

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