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Month: July 26, 2018

Money is not everything in a start up…..

Having been in the space where I have dealt with start ups for about two years one of the things I have learnt is the importance of finances in the development of young businesses. At the same time, I have realized that start ups need to look beyond the financial investments and also need to

The Role of Innovations in Fighting Climate Change

Innovations are and will continue to be essential in the fight against climate change. Not only are they necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation), but they are also needed to deal with the negative effects of climate change and/or exploit any positive ones (adaptation). As the future of global development is threatened by climate

Achieving a green economy: a call to action

Having recently attended the 4thGreen Growth Conference and Exhibition 2018 themed , it is evident that there is need for us as a country to move with speed and fast track the implementation of the Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan (GESIP). The strategy focuses on five building blocks which include promoting sustainable Infrastructure, resource

The journey of an entrepreneur

Any entrepreneur will tell you that the journey to establishing a profitable company is never easy. One requires self-discipline and determination to make things work. Some people are lucky to succeed without a struggle the first time, for others it becomes one long painful journey.   For those who abandoned their careers in formal employment to

Leveraging on opportunities for green growth in Kenya

The 4thNational Green Growth Conference 2018 held last week at the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) brought together various stakeholders from the government and private sector to deliberate on the measures being put in place to achieve a green economy and track the progress made so far.  One of the key documents that was referred

Tracking the progress in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Kenya

Kenya has an exciting opportunity to be a leader in harvesting sustainable and efficient energy. First of all, the country is naturally endowed with plentiful sunshine that can be converted into solar energy; this has been shown to be particularly beneficial for rural households and, increasingly, flower and vegetable farms according to Africa-EU Renewable Energy

Lessons from Israel: innovation verses adoption

Seth Siegel in his book ‘let there be water’ notes that by 2035, about 60% of the land mass will be water scarce leading to a humanitarian and economic crisis with the remaining water resources drying out. Who would have thought a dessert country like Israel would be a model for water conservation and sustainable

Commodity Futures Market an option for Kenyan Farmers

The largest percentage of Kenya’s population are farmers. A key concern for this population is the price volatility associated with the commodities especially when it comes to food crops such as maize, beans and other cereals. The price of basic food commodities recently has been unstable leaving most Kenyans unable to purchase these commodities in

Hivos and Kenya Climate Innovation Centre Hosting the Second Disrupt! Ideathon

Hivos in collaboration with Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) will be hosting Disrupt!, a competitive ideathon event that brings together entrepreneurs within the agriculture/seed sector, from 4thto 6thJuly 2018. During the 3-day ideathon several individuals or teams will be supported by mentors and experts to bring their business idea to the next level. At the

Water Dialogue – A Step Forward to Management of Water Resources

“It’s Day Zero in Cape Town, a foretaste of what is likely to come in cities such as Nairobi with a rapidly increasing population. So, day zero makes us reflect water matters” This was the opening remarks for the Water Policy Dialogue organized by Kenya Climate Innovation Centre. The deeply valuable dialogue had amazing insights on