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Month: December 21, 2017

Sunny Money sources for funds to impact 30,000 lives by June 2017

Sunny Money sources for funds to impact 30,000 lives by June 2017 Sunny Money Africa Ltd is a for profit social enterprise that focuses on providing affordable solar energy products to people living in rural areas, by providing affordable solar energy solutions. The company aims to give people affordable clean energy- solar lighting solutions through

Rural communities access energy for income generating ventures

Electricity is central to the development agenda in Kenya. Without electricity it is unlikely that development projects and public investments, such as schools and community centres, can achieve their intended goals. The expansion of technology initiatives in rural areas, such as supplying laptops to students, will not be sustainable without reliable connections to electricity.  Village

Providing early stage financing mechanism for clean technology enterprises

Obtaining financing for climate technologies is particularly challenging in developing countries due to additional uncertainty and risks that are hard to mitigate in private financial markets, lack of patient and low-cost capital, poor creditworthiness, lack of guarantees and low availability of capital for public investment. An analysis of Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) confirms that the

Autodesk Foundation supports KCICs early stage financing facility

The Autodesk Foundation funded Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) with a grant of $100,000 for its Early Stage Financing Facility. The foundation provides support through grant funding, software, technical training, and industry expertise to grantees in architecture, engineering, product design and manufacturing, visual effects, gaming, and related fields that are creating solutions to environmental and

Turning plastic waste into cooking gas

Plastic waste has attracted widespread concern and attention in Kenya. According to a case study done by the University of Nairobi, the rapid rate of urbanization throughout the world has led to the generation of increasing amounts of waste, including plastic waste and this in turn poses difficulties for disposal. The problem is more acute

Fruit rejects offering alternative income to farmers

Horticulture farming provides employment to over two million people in Kenya alone. Set as the fastest growing industry in the country with a growth rate of seven per cent, we are yet to see the best of this industry. With new developments in technology in regards to new farming methods and machinery, Kenyan entrepreneurs have

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  • December 6, 2017
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SimGas: offering clean, affordable and high-quality energy to rural households

About three billion people worldwide use solid fuels for cooking according to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The World Health Organization (WHO) has put the numbers at 4.3 million deaths per year due to smoke from open fires and traditional stoves. In other words, someone is dying due to inefficient use of biomass fuel. Biogas

Growing demand for bio-diesel spurs business idea

Globally, the use of bio-diesel as an alternative to petrol/diesel has seen increased interest due to environmental benefits associated with its combustion. The high cost of vegetable oils, which could be up to 75% of the total biodiesel manufacturing cost, has led to the production costs of biodiesel becoming approximately 1.5 times higher than that for

Investment in moringa a big opportunity for Kilifi County

Kilifi County is amongst the 14 out of 47 counties that are marginalized coupled with the hot weather. In 2014, Papu Haroon ventured into Moringa farming to assist the community in Matsangoni to cope with the effects of climate change and address nutrition. Moringa is one of the most drought tolerant trees and does well