Call for Application: Redesign Everything Challenge 2024!

Do you have a creative idea or an existing startup in products, materials, communication, spaces, or systems and services that promotes recycling? Is your innovation addressing climate crisis and promoting the transition towards a circular economy? We are looking for you!

About Redesign Everything Challenge

 What Design Can Do (WDCD) and the IKEA Foundation have partnered to launch “The Redesign Everything Challenge”, a global competition that aims to discover and promote innovative potential and creative solutions addressing climate crisis and accelerating transition towards a sustainable and circular future. The competition spans across five main disciplines: circular products, materials, communications, spaces and systems & services. This includes new ideas and existing enterprises that propose transformations for the environment and industries, ranging from food, fashion, and packaging to mobility, electronics, construction and digital services through a circular and regenerative lens.

What Design Can Do is an international organisation platform that advocates for design as a tool for social change creating positive impact. WDCD organizes global campaigns to promote the role of designers focused on addressing various social and environmental issues, recognizing the interconnected nature of these problems. By leveraging the transformative power of design, they aim to facilitate collaborative efforts to tackle complex challenges, such as pollution, clean energy and much more.

What We’re Looking For

With the goal of addressing the question, “What role can designers play in the transition to a fair and circular future?” the Redesign Everything Challenge invites applications from designers, start-ups, students and entrepreneurs in every sector from around the globe to submit creative solutions that pave the way for a sustainable and circular future. Application deadline is 20th March 2024!

 Eligibility Criteria

 The challenge encourages submissions that transcend linear sector boundaries, addressing issues such as waste management, biodiversity loss, and industry transformation. Whether through innovative enterprises or conceptual proposals, participants are invited to explore diverse strategies for change. Your application should meet and have:

  1. Impact – Does your project generate a positive social, environmental, and cultural impact? Does it, for example, have an environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or regenerating natural resources? Or are you working to create a positive cultural impact by influencing policy or shifting people’s habits and attitudes? Here, you can help the jury understand the (potential) impact of your project by offering some quantitative and / or qualitative data to back up your vision.
  2. Design & Creativity – Here, we want to know the role that it plays in your project. What design decisions have you made to make your product, campaign, system, space or service more circular? How is your solution fresh and innovative? Or does it build on an existing idea in an exciting way? Does it tell a well-crafted, compelling story that’s worth sharing?
  3. Feasible and Scalability – The challenge is open to projects of various stages, from early concepts to market-ready initiatives. Wherever your idea begins, we want to know how it can be scaled to create real-world impact. It should be practical and technically -sound, while also making social and economic sense. Even if it starts in a specific context, we want to know: how could it grow and adapt to a broader audience? Do you have a long-term vision for your initiative?

4.  Team and Network – You can apply as a team, as an existing business or as an individual. The depth and diversity of your skills and experiences and your              efforts to build connections within your network are accessed. We are curious to know how you’ve built your team, if you’ve harnessed diverse expertise to                  empower your solutions, and how you approach collaboration and community-building as part of your development.

Why You Should Join

Ten (10) winning teams will be selected according to four key criteria metrics outlined. The winning teams will receive:

  1. Project Funding of €5.000 each to invest in their projects.
  2. Join WDCD Accelerator Winners will enter a dedicated accelerator programme to bring their projects to the next level
  3. Wider Auidience and Publicity winners will gain valuable publicity through international network of media partners and an opportunity to present their projects during a WDCD Live events.
  4. Boot camp to kickstart the programme, winners will meet with industry experts and join tailored masterclasses for 1 week in Amsterdam to gain new perspectives on design and circularity.
  5. Mentorship to provide support from curated professionals with a wide range of design and business expertise. Winners will be matched with a top-notch mentor based on their personal and professional needs.

How To Apply

To enter and participate for the challenge, submit yourcreative idea or design addressing climate crisis through the  Redesign Everything Challenge platform.

All entries will be reviewed by the selection committee that will decide on a shortlist of nominees, to be announced in April. The international jury will decide on at least 10 winners from around the world, to be announced in May. Once selected, the winning teams will meet in Amsterdam for a week-long bootcamp and pitch their solution at the WDCD Live event. Winning teams enter a dedicated accelerator programme to strengthen and scale their impact.

For more information on the challenge, click here to learn more and here to register & apply before 20th March 2024 deadline.

Register & Apply Before 20th March 2024