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How to Integrate small-scale farmers into the global market.

Small-scale agriculture is the primary source of food, it contributes 80 percent of the food consumed in a majority of developing countries. This high percentage therefore points at the role played by small-scale agriculture in tackling  food security, as a source of food and as a source of livelihood for a large number of people

Woragus Limited

Brief Profile: Worugus is a commercial feedlot whose core activity is buying steers from pastoralists, fatten them and sell to premium markets. The model involves working through aggregators who collect steers from livestock producers, bulk them and transport them to Woragus farm in Laikipia. The steers are bought at the farm gate at a cost

Unibrain Technologies Ltd

Brief Profile: Unibrain technologies Ltd is an incubate company under the UNIBRAIN(universities, businesses and research in agribusiness Innovations)initiative consortium, domiciled in Ghana and spearheaded by the African union commission and DANIDA to assist African countries develop agribusiness value chains in Africa. Unibrain technologies ltd in Kenya operates in Nairobi, bungoma and currently in Garissa in

Sultan Green Technologies

Brief Profile: Sultan Green aims to democratize safe food production by engaging in very rigorous value chain analytics in order to provide a high level of traceability and ensure production of safe food. Their process involves having a measure of activities in the value chain to ensure we can account for & understand how these

Smart Aggregator

Brief Profile: Smart Aggregator is a farmer produce aggregation enterprise providing small- holder farmers with reliable opportunities for remunerative markets and other related services. Smart Aggregator is an intermediary actor in the value chain between the producer and buyer. We aggregate supply in turn, reducing the transaction costs of individual small holder engagements. Entrepreneur Name:

Rutuba Bio-Agric & Organic Fertilizers Ltd

Brief Profile: Rutuba Bio-Agric & Organic Fertilizers Ltd manufactures organic fertilizer that is 100% organic. Through a patented technology, the organic fertilizer is fortified with eight macro and over sixteen micro nutrients beneficial to the plant. It offers the best option for farmers who choose not to use chemical fertilizers. The company has a comprehensive

Raino Tech 4 Impact

Brief Profile: Raino Tech4Impact is a social enterprise that leverages technology as an enabler to empower African communities. The company develops affordable, sustainable, efficient and accessible technology-driven solutions in health, agriculture, sports & green energy. Currently, the business mainly focuses on Agriculture. Raino Tech targets fisheries and aquaculture producers and traders in rural areas, with

Percmacks Company

Brief Profile: Percmacks company provides organic solutions to farmers for use in their farms. The product range includes organic soil conditioner, organic foliar(fertiliser), organic fungicide and organic pesticides. They also offer consultancy services to farmers on use of organic products. The soil conditioner aims to restore soil health in an organic manner, the use of

Onja Uone

Brief Profile Onja Uone Ltd is a family owned company started in 1995 by Joseph Wafula and Gladys Nang’oni Sitati as owner directors. The directors ventured into macadamia farming in 1990 with the aim of uplifting the community. Tongaren is mostly a maize farming area but the farmers didn’t get profit from farming maize. The

Nyuki hubs

Brief Profile The business is about empowering beekeepers by ensuring professional apiary management technologies in the bee keeping market. Entrepreneur Name: Joseph Karuga Email: Joseph.karuga@nyukihubs.co.ke Phone number: 0724424400; 0748200605 Website: https://nyukihubs.co.ke/ Location: Westlands, Nairobi Thematic Area: Agribusiness