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Month: June 23, 2022

Africa Sustainability Matters (ASM) Magazine: Call for articles submission

Are you a prolific writer who is passionate and concerned about climate change and sustainability? Here is an opportunity for your sentiments to be featured in the upcoming issue of ASM magazine, as the magazine is soliciting individuals to submit articles for publishing. Individuals and institutions interested in sharing ideas leading to solutions that will

Tech at its best during the Cleantech competition awards ceremony

The Cleantech Innovation competition awards ceremony took place at a colorful event in Strathmore university. Sustainability was one of the key features in the evaluation criteria that participants of the competition were required to demonstrate. The need to hasten the potential of the youth and their charge toward mitigating climate change and its impact came

Insects for poultry feed – who would have thought?

A sustainable future for all has been a recurring theme in major international conferences. Many commentators acknowledge the importance of sustainable agriculture in realizing a sustainable future for everyone. Organic farming is a mechanism for producing quality food for humanity while doing little harm to the environment. While organic crop farming has been widely explored,