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Month: June 24, 2017

ClimateLaunchpad Boot Camp Programme

The Boot Camp is a 2-day fast track course and workshop lead by a ClimateLaunchpad certified Boot Camp Trainer. The programme covers all aspects of a high-level pitch deck. The format can be best described as lectures, followed by practical work and peer2peer presentations. The topics covered are: Team (founder’s dream and vision) Who is

Climate Change at a Glance 007

An oil refinery in Marcus Hook, Pa. The United States is the biggest carbon polluter in history. Withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement: What’s next for Africa One of the prominent differences between the US president and his Democratic counterpart during the elections campaign was on issues of Climate Change. While Hillary believed

Climate Change at a Glance 006

Make Clean Energy available to the rural poor The introduction of renewable energy solutions in the rural areas especially for cooking needs to be a priority in the country. The demand for biomass fuel in the rural areas is very high and is a main contributor to deforestation and environmental pollution.  In Kenya and Africa

Climate Change at a Glance 005

Funding of innovations: What is the solution? Lack of funding for innovations has been one of the major reasons innovations have not scaled up into big enterprises. Innovations have not attracted funding from investors or financial institutions as they have shied away from early stage company investment and lending. A law, the Movable Property Security

Climate Change at a glance 004

Agribusiness crucial to continents push for industrialized economy. While developing and expanding the industrialized economy one aspect that cannot be ignored is the transformation of the agriculture sector. Agriculture contributes 30% of Africa’s GDP and provides employment to about 65% of its population. The sector has however not been preforming according to the expected standards

Lisha Bora calls out to investors for a fundraising round

Getting the right feeds for your animals is not an easy task. But once you crack it, everything falls into place and you begin to reap the profits. According to International Livestock Research Institute, the dairy sector is vital in poverty alleviation in both the rural and urban areas as it contributes to food and

Banana value addition gaining momentum in Kisii County

At the Kisii Agricultural Training Center, Nyangorora Banana Processing Group (NBPG) has been in the business of value addition of bananas for the last three years. Having partnered with the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI), Ngangorora began as a youth-owned company investing in tissue culture bananas with the aim of alleviating poverty in

Access to renewable energy solutions to consumers in Western Kenya

It probably is a first of its kind. Providing loans for business and renewable energy products. Under the product dubbed Mwangaza Solar Loan, Rafode meets the energy needs of women and youth in rural areas through consumer financing.  Loans are advanced to at least five members in a group and given financial training for six