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Month: November 14, 2022

Meet the 2022 Vijana na AgriBiz National Competition Winners

Vijana na AgriBiz National Competition intends to advance resilient and sustainable climate adaptation strategies in the African continent. This challenge hopes to open up new economic prospects for creative, youth-owned businesses and get a new generation of Kenyan youth and women to shift to a sustainable, climate-resilient future. The Call for Application, launched in August

Farming is primitive…Take another guess!

“All farmers are old and poor. They do not have a bright and promising future. Farmers do not have serious jobs. Farming is primitive, outdated, and low-tech. Farmers are illiterate.” All these are misconceptions that have deluded young people. There is so much more to farming than what these myths and misconceptions illustrate. With agriculture

Creating job security among Kenyan youths through agribusiness

“The next young billionaires will come from agriculture in the coming years.” This was the remarkable statement by the Kenya Climate Innovation Center Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Joseph Murabula, during the Vijana na AgriBiz Finals. He reiterated the need to support young people with great ideas to change the world. He believes that empowering young

Innovation fighting malnutrition among children wins youth competition

According to a report by UNICEF, in Kenya, more than a quarter of children under the age of five, or two million children, have stunted growth and suffer from malnutrition. If not addressed, this could have devastating long-term effects, including diminished mental and physical development and, in extreme cases, death. Over the years, malnutrition has

Vijana na AgriBiz National Competition- Supporting youth to lead a climate resilient ient future

The Vijana na AgriBiz competition seeks to foster innovation in agricultural practices, build the capacity of local entrepreneurs, especially the youth and women, promote an innovative entrepreneurial culture in agribusiness, enhance local and international awareness of innovative agribusiness practices, create market linkages, offer opportunities for scaling up and identify support for high-growth agribusiness entrepreneurs contributing