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Month: July 29, 2021

How Should We Make Water a Sustainable Goal for 2030

Water is a basic human need. The average human can go for 21 days without food but can only go for one week without water. This is because 60 percent of the human body is made up of fluid. You can get water from different sources like fruits such as watermelon, milk, juices or soup,

Why SMEs Need To Hop Onto The Sustainability Agenda

  Sustainability is no longer just a foreign concept or a westernized ideology. Sustainability is now everyday life, it is the simple things that you do to make the world a better place for the now and the future. Sustainability has been long in existence before campaigners and earth lovers began to bring it to

New initiative to boost agribusiness

One of the main challenges faced by SMEs is access to markets and the creation of sustainable and strategic marketing networks.  Kiambu County Government has partnered with two agencies to help local farmers reach consumers and recoup losses. This is after a bad agricultural year where losses were experienced. The County will be partnering with

Building a better bridge between farmers and consumers

It is that time of the year when farmers harvest their bounty from the farms after months and years of hard work. Unfortunately, amidst the nationwide shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, farmers have been experiencing unprecedented difficulties in selling their produce on time and at fair prices. The gap between producers and consumers is

Green Growth as our Collective Responsibility as Global Citizens

By Muindi Kimanzi Kenya is endowed with many scenic natural resources such as grand water bodies in the, mountains, historical sites and great fertile lands. People around the world intend to visit Kenya at least once in their lifetime. The country sits at the heart of Africa offering a gateway into the continent, welcoming trade,

Maths teacher winning the pig farming business

Over the years, pig farming in Kenya has gradually risen to become one of the top agribusiness ventures. Pork accounts for 38% of the world’s meat production, making it a very popular meat. Domesticated pigs are called swines. Swines reproduce twice a year, their gestation period being only 114 days; three months, three weeks, and

Juicing your way to a healthy lifestyle

Food trends such as juicing and raw food diets are ubiquitous today. It seems that almost every week sees the birth of a new healthy lifestyle bestseller. Consumers are always looking for a sexy quick fix to cure their ailments, but a quick solution is not always the correct solution. Many of the fad diets

The world’s largest green business ideas competition closes tomorrow

The deadline for entries to the Climate Launchpad competition, which recognises that innovation and invention can lead the way to a clean future, closes at midnight tomorrow (2nd July 2021) Young creative innovators can enter the initiative – which is organized by partners ClimateLaunchpad and Climate-KIC by filling out the application form on the the ClimateLaunchpad competition

From an Inquisitive Mind to CLP 2018 2nd Runner’s Up

Eric Kariuki has had an avid interest in science from a very young age. At the age of ten, he used to make briquettes from charcoal residue and sell it around his neighbourhood. He admits that when he was younger, he was more business oriented. Joining the Climate LaunchPad competition (CLP) reminded him of that