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Juicing your way to a healthy lifestyle

  • By Pamela Okutoyi
  • July 6, 2021
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Food trends such as juicing and raw food diets are ubiquitous today. It seems that almost every week sees the birth of a new healthy lifestyle bestseller. Consumers are always looking for a sexy quick fix to cure their ailments, but a quick solution is not always the correct solution. Many of the fad diets that dance in and out of popularity, miss the big health picture. One organization that is tackling this problem head-on is GreenWells Organics, a processing company focused on high nutritive drinks with natural tastes. Their drinks include juice blends, smoothies and natural supplement drinks for people living with different lifestyle conditions. 

Located behind Mountain Mall, along the busy Thika superhighway, the enterprise is set up as an outdoor restaurant with a lounge where customers sit while their orders are processed. The location is ideal. It is located in a carwash, where clients can relax and enjoy their smoothies as their cars get cleaned. Once the customer picks out what they want, the smoothies are blended in the workspace area and served to the customers. They can either enjoy the smoothies at the lounge or carry  them as take away.

According to Mary Njeri Njuguna, her inspiration in starting the venture was to reduce the influx of lifestyle diseases for urban residents in East Africa. She says that most juices do not register liquid calories just as we do solid foods, which leaves one feeling hungrier. Another concern with juicing diets, she adds, is the lack of protein, which is an essential component that should be included in every meal for satiety and optimal muscle building. 

GreenWells juice blends

“GreenWells juice and smoothie blends are 100% fresh with no chemical additives, which provide a great selling point to our health-conscious market. Moreover, the drinks are customer-specific,” Mary explains.

The company allows the consumer to ‘build their own smoothie’ that offers a unique experience in feeling that they are in control and have a say in what is put in their smoothie. “This has been a major factor in generating traffic at our outlet,” Mary says.

“GreenWells organic is here to influence the introduction of healthy affordable foods in the market. We also support organic farmers, the health-conscious individuals, those with special needs and those with lifestyle illnesses within the urban cities of East Africa,” Mary states. 

The holder of a bachelor’s degree in commerce is confident that her company contributes to the overall health of the client and serves as a one-stop-shop for targeted natural-based solutions for various lifestyle-related illnesses. “Our smoothies and juices are organically produced to tackle lifestyle diseases hence we strive to encourage the consumption of organic foods,” Mary says.

Being located inside a carwash, GreenWells mainly deals with predominantly male clientele, the urban population aged between 18 and 40 that are growing increasingly conscious of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and are in demand for products, events and services that complement such a lifestyle.

Mary says that the partnership with KCIC was timely. KCIC has supported GreenWells in developing the business model canvas and business plan. In addition, KCIC has offered GreenWells technical assistance in incorporating business record keeping, marketing and branding, providing access to information through training on financial management, access to markets, access to financing support through KCIC and other suitable funding sources, as well as business mentorship.

The enterprise has provided three permanent employment opportunities and currently works with 30 organic farmers across the country. The enterprise hopes to increase its employment to ten and work with 60 organic farmers.