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Agri-Flora Organic Solutions: Encouraging organic farming for sustainable food security

There has been a trend to encourage organic farming to improve global food security which continues to be a concern to most 3rd world countries. Agri Flora Organic Solutions is one upcoming company trying to encourage this kind of farming. Incorporated in 2016, the company uses fully decomposed animal and plant waste to process organic

SolarFresh: A technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer

Sustainable and effective cold chains are crucial for the transportation of food and medicine, but in many parts of rural Africa they have been sorely lacking. Tackling this issue is a Kenyan startup SolarFresh, which is using solar energy in fruits and vegetable cold transportation trucks and retail kiosks. “Two years ago, I set off

Green Pavers: Housing Africa using plastic waste

Using one of the country’s problems to solve another is the philosophy behind Green Pavers whose mission is to develop affordable housing materials from recycled plastic. Did you know that Nairobi County generates 30 metric tonnes of waste of which 20 percent is plastic? . One out of three residents of Nairobi cannot afford a

A mobile app that could solve Nairobi’s water supply problems

Turning on the tap to get a glass of water, brush your teeth or take a shower should not be a guessing game. A metallic taste, sulfuric smell or unsightly residue cannot only ruin a cold drink, but also can be a hazard to health and home. More so, the lack of access and the

Kenya’s first AI powered machine vision system making agriculture more predictable for farmers

One of the main challenges that most farmers in Kenya face today is the lack of reliable information about their crops on the farm. Farm-level information that makes for better decision making regarding the quality of their crops, harvest yields and production costs. Due to this, farmers experience major losses annually that could be avoided.

Cleaning the environment through innovative sewage disposal system

Kirigi Kibunja founded Jiji Water Works Limited in 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya with the aim of offering permanent water and drainage solutions to Nairobi city and beyond. Based in Membley, Eastern bypass in the outskirts of Nairobi, Jiji Water Works is innovating and working to replace the traditional septic tank with a biodigester. The biodigester

Farming without soil: the big bet for achieving food security

Traditional soil-grown crop production has worked well for thousands of years, but there is one fact that has placed strain on conventional agriculture: The human population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. With that comes a demand that already stressed fields can not necessarily supply. For Peter Chege, founder and owner of Hydroponics

Powerspot Kenya: empowering rural Kenya through affordable clean cooking

Clean cooking solutions are vital to combating global climate change, reducing environmental degradation and improving human lives in general. Unfortunately, more than four billion people especially in the rural areas currently lack access to modern cooking solutions that are clean, affordable, fuel-efficient and convenient. With their main production factory based in Kakamega county, Powerspot Kenya

Alternative fuel transforming the energy industry

In the hilly outskirts of Kisumu city, hidden behind leafy trees and rocky terrain, is an innovative enterprise offering a source of renewable energy and a solution to waste management. Nilger Ventures Limited founded by Getrude Segera converts used cooking oil into biodiesel and crude glycerol. She first came across the idea during her industrial

Edward Mungai is conferred with a PhD in sustainability

Dr. Edward Mungai, group CEO of Kenya Climate Innovation Centre Group, has today been awarded his PhD in Sustainability at Strathmore University. The three year PhD entailed a research on “Stakeholder Pressure, Gender Diversity and Voluntary Environmental Management Systems as Drivers of Corporate Environmental Performance of Firms in Kenya” which forms a compelling case for