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How a Kenyan engineering firm is converting plastic waste into clean energy

In Njiru town, off Kangundo road lies an engineering firm that has put resource recovery at heart with the aim of creating value from waste that would otherwise go to landfill. The firm, Adarsh polymer Limited, is converting plastic waste into affordable clean energy solutions through a process called pyrolysis.  During an interview with the

Kenya’s losing battle against e-waste

Electronic waste (e-waste) has proven to be a fundamental challenge for Kenya over the years. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) states that Kenya generates an average of 3,000 tons of e-waste each year from electronic devices such as computers, monitors, printers, mobile phones, fridges and batteries just to mention a few. The

A better deal for Gum Arabic producers in Northern Kenya

The dry and rugged terrain stretching for kilometers in the expansive Isiolo County appears largely barren, worthless even. Yet growing from the parched earth is a resource worth billions of shillings and one that promises to significantly transform the lives of the largely poor pastoralist communities of Northern Kenya. The blistering weather conditions of Isiolo

Insect entrepreneur training farmers how to use maggots on their farms

In a quiet, mainly residential area in Kirinyaga, trays of writhing Black Soldier Flies (BSFs) larvae munch their way through hundreds of kilograms of food and farm waste a day. By converting organic waste into protein, this miracle insect helps lower Carbon emissions and replace environmentally damaging fertilizers. The protein-rich maggots are sold for pet

Food index report: Tackling food waste for environmental sustainability

Globally, food waste has become an increasingly recognized environmental issue over the last decade. In a world where approximately 800 million people suffer from hunger, food waste is not only an ethical issue but also an environmental problem that cannot be overlooked. In a recent report by the United Nations Environment Programme (Food Index Report

Fast fashion: An environmental disaster

The fashion industry has been rapidly growing. In the last 15 years alone, clothing production has doubled, accounting for 60% of all the textile production. The Green America’s Toxic textile report states that the textile industry alone produces 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year and accounts for around 20 percent of global industrial

Kenyan inventors unveil device to scoop plastic out of rivers

Nairobi and Ngong rivers flowing through Kenya’s capital provide an excellent example of heavily polluted rivers. Despite being the main sources of water for residents of low-income settlements, the rivers also serve as dumping sites for households, industrial wastes and human wastes as many homes don’t have toilets. In a bid to offer solutions to

Kilifi County, KCIC to revamp agribusiness in coast region

Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) which is the implementing partner signed a five-year contract with the two development agencies that would see the Kshs. 5.1 billion programme support 2,400 women and youth-led agribusiness enterprises across the country and lead to the creation of 17,000 job opportunities. Kilifi County County Executive Committee Member (CECM) in charge of

Considering used water a ‘waste’ but a vital resource

There is an urgent need for an important paradigm shift if we have to advance the multiple levels of sustainable sanitation services towards a circular economy where wastewater is considered a vital resource and not a liability. In 2018, the Wastewater: “From Waste to Resource” initiative was launched in the Los Angeles region to address

Haven’t we all been bad designers?

Around the world, landfills are growing by some 3.5 million tonnes of garbage every day. In the time it’ll take you to read this article, the equivalent of two truckloads of plastic will have entered the oceans. Considering that waste is not an accident, that’s a lot of bad design.  We need to face this

  • Bruce Mau, Selly Raby Kane & more
  • March 12, 2021
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