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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs, International Women’s Day 2024

  • By KCIC Communications
  • March 8, 2024
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Every 8th of March, International Women’s Day (IWD) serves as a powerful reminder of the strides made towards gender equality while recognizing the multifaceted achievements of women worldwide. This year’s theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” resonates deeply, emphasizing the imperative of fostering environments where diversity thrives, and every voice is heard. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this theme underscores the importance of inclusivity in achieving sustainable economic growth and gender parity.

In celebration of IWD 2024, we spotlight twelve remarkable female entrepreneurs who exemplify resilience, innovation, and a commitment to sustainable practices. Supported by the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), these trailblazers are not only driving economic advancement but also paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future. Their stories are a testament to the transformative power of investing in women.

Pauline Otila leads Apiculture Ventures, a pioneering enterprise offering a comprehensive suite of modern beekeeping solutions. Through her leadership, the company provides training, equipment, and technical support, empowering communities while fostering environmental stewardship. She is a beneficiary of the KCIC AgriBiz Programme.

Purity Gakuo is the co-founder of Kuza Freezer, a youth-led Agritech firm based in Mombasa, that seeks to bridge the cold-chain gap in the fish value and supply chain by offering solar powered cold storage solution. The company manufactures low-cost, pay-as-you-go solar-powered freezers that not only reduce post-harvest losses but also uplift rural fishermen and women, amplifying economic resilience in coastal communities. She is a beneficiary of the KCIC GreenBiz programme.

Angela Odero is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rio Fish Limited, a pioneering company committed to revolutionizing Kenya’s fish value chain. With a focus on sustainable fish farming practices and technological innovation, Angela’s visionary leadership propels Rio Fish to address industry challenges and foster positive social change. Beyond her professional pursuits, Angela passionately advocates for dignity at work, food security, tech inclusion for women, and against gender-based inequalities, notably opposing the exploitative “sex-for-fish” practice. Rio Fish is supported through the GreenBiz programme.

Lucy Wangari is a farmer, land resource planner, agribusiness consultant, nano influencer in the digital agribusiness space and youth and women in agriculture advocate. Founder of Onion Doctor, she is a beacon of hope for smallholder farmers in arid regions. Her agricultural enterprise provides vital support, from drought-resistant onion seedlings to climate-smart irrigation systems, empowering communities to thrive in challenging environments. She is a beneficiary of the AgriBiz Programme.

Winnie Githinji’s innovative approach at Harcourt Agri-Eco Farm not only repurposes organic waste but also mitigates carbon emissions through the cultivation of black soldier flies. Her commitment to sustainability underscores the potential for eco-friendly practices to drive positive environmental change.

Faith Kwamboka is the founder and CEO of Desiccated Sweetness Ltd, an end-to-end fruit processing company, transforming otherwise wasted fresh fruits and vegetables into high-value products and inputs for the Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. She is a beneficiary of the KCIC AgriBiz programme.

Loise Kaburu founder of Techwin Limited, revolutionizes the dairy industry with solar-powered processing equipment, promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The enterprise is one of the 30 SMEs KCIC is supporting in East Africa through the Productive Use of Solar Energy (PUSE) programme.

Carolyne Mwangi is the CEO of Kimplanter Seedlings and Nurseries Ltd, which plays a pivotal role in horticultural propagation, facilitating access to quality seedlings for farmers nationwide. They propagate seedlings of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and trees, for farmers of all capacities from large scale, small scale to kitchen gardens. She is a beneficiary of the AgriBiz programme.

Esther Kawinzi is the Chief Executive at Wenfa Enterprises, a manufacturing and recycling plant located in Athi River. She champions the ‘from waste to resource’ ethos, recycling PVC and PPR materials to promote environmental sustainability. The enterprise is supported through the GreenBiz programme.

Norah Khamuye, the co-founder of Gotabet Nurseries, promotes agroforestry and local value addition, empowering communities and fostering sustainable land management practices. They undertake propagation, grafting and distribution of agroforestry seedlings, including Hass avocado, passion fruits, TC bananas and macadamia seedlings. The enterprise is supported through the GreenBiz programme.

Louisa Gathecha, Co-founder and CEO of Bottle Logistics, leads the charge in glass waste transformation, setting the standard for sustainable glass waste management practices in East Africa. Her firm deals in the recovery of industrial and post-consumer glass waste and processes them into highly refined glass cullet, glass aggregate and clean reusable bottles.

Mbula Musau is the Founder, Utake Coffee Ltd, an innovative company specializing in Coffee Quality and Marketing Consultancy and Development Management. They are also licenced coffee dealers, which allows them to Import, Export and Roast coffees from all coffee producing origins.

As we celebrate these visionary women in business, let us reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and inclusive economic growth. Together, let’s continue to invest in women, knowing that the dividends of such investments are boundless.

The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) is a social impact organization supporting innovative climate change solutions and sustainable development in East Africa. We provide tailored business support to SMEs innovating solutions to climate change in the realm of Agribusiness, Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Water, and Commercial Forestry. This comprehensive continuum of support includes business incubation and acceleration, capacity building, mentorship, technical assistance, and financing. KCIC also works on the policy front, collaborating with government and private sector to strengthen the climate policy ecosystem.