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Month: July 22, 2022

Turning horns and bones into money

According to the world bank, nearly 70% of people live in poverty and have limited access to basic amenities in Kenya’s north and north-eastern regions. The primary source of food and income for almost all of the locals is livestock, which is seriously threatened by the frequent droughts that occur in this region. Socio-economic measurements

The climate crisis is a water crisis

Water is one of the four elements of nature crucial for food security, energy production, economic development and poverty reduction. But water can equally be deployed as ammunition in the fight against climate change, when harnessed and managed in a sustainable way. This is according to the World Water Development Report 2020 produced by the United Nations

Its time to invest north

Early this year KCIC in partnership with United States Agency International Development (USAID) and other partners organized the first ever Northern Kenya Impact investment conference. The event was focused on the current state of investment in Northern Kenya, the potential and challenges of investing in the region. According to the World Bank, three-quarters of the

Reverting to wood construction as a sustainable method

The most environmentally friendly building material is wood. Wood has several advantages as a raw building material, emits far less carbon dioxide than alternative building materials, and the sustainability movement and green building initiatives have been incorporated into several model building codes and national standards. Treated wood resists termite attack and microbial degradation, prolonging its

How fish farming in Lake Turkana is boosting development in the region

The way of life of the people of Lake Turkana has mainly been nomadism. Over the decades, communities have had restricted movement due to established boundaries and faced challenges in their pastoralism from severe climatic changes. This forced pastoralists further into hostile terrain along with the expansion of settlements, forcing the populace to diversify their

KCIC conducts training of trainers on the 4K Clubs Programs

One hundred and one 4K Clubs patrons from Uasin Gishu, Bungoma, Kisii, Meru, Isiolo, Kiambu, Kisii and Kilifi are the beneficiaries of a one-week workshop organized as from 4th to 8th July, to provide the participants with competencies for effective establishment, management and sustainable vibrant 4K Clubs across the counties. The workshops were held in

Benefits of tree planting in arid places

Many arid places in Kenya are experiencing drought, extreme weather conditions and natural catastrophes due to scarcity of vegetation cover. This has been occasioned by the little or no rainfall experienced in these areas. One of the ways of improving these areas could be through tree planting. Trees help improve air circulation, prevent global warming,