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Month: January 10, 2018

Time to leave the boardroom and act now

On Christmas day ideally what happens is you have a full belly and get a blanket to cuddle and listen to the rainfall. Last Christmas was different at least for the side of the world I was in. The sun was out and burning right under our feet.  If we stayed indoors it is because

Agricultural technologies: Lessons from Israel

The year 2017 was a challenging one for any economic growth analyst focusing on Kenya. The national government and development partners such as the World Bank and the IMF had to severally revise downwards the initial overall growth projections. Other than the extended electioneering period and a slowdown in private sector credit growth, the country

Water harvesting may be the long term solution for sustainable agriculture

If all the water that runs off the surface when it rains could be harvested, food and water insecurity would be completely tackled. Drought and communities going without food would be a thing of the past. Large water volumes, which could go a long way in alleviating human suffering and other food related challenges, flows