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Month: September 27, 2022

Countering Deforestation

Kenya currently experiences high rates of deforestation, endangering both plants and animals. According to estimates, Kenya’s forest cover has decreased from 10% to 6% since independence, a loss of almost 12,000 hectares yearly. These levels of deforestation have damaged the country because most of its inhabitants depend on the forest to store rainwater, prevent flooding,

Boosting milk production in the Northern Frontier

  Most of the land in Kenya is made up of ASALs, where nomadic pastoralism is practiced. Camels are the primary milk producers in North Eastern Province, one of the core ASAL regions, particularly during the dry season when other livestock perish or become unreliable. A region with a prominent poverty level, frequent flooding or

Focusing on yoghurt production in dry areas

Kenya’s dairy industry is one of the country’s most important economic sectors. The previous several years have seen the rise of new challenges due to the sector’s increasing innovations, investments, and complexity, even with the increased interest that local and foreign investors have shown in it. Rising urbanization and incomes, changes in consumer preferences for

Enhancing AgriBusiness through improved techniques

  In Kenya, the horticulture sector is crucial in ensuring food security, the generation of jobs, and reducing poverty (Agricultural Sector Coordination Unit [ASCU], 2011). A majority of Kenyan producers who engage in some sort of horticulture agriculture rely heavily on the sector for their food security and family earnings, and it both, directly and