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Month: June 5, 2020


Powerspot Kenya Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Powerspot Spain, where this technology was discovered and is patented. The company originated a disruptive technology that seeks to solve energy needs the world over. They design and manufacture thermoelectric generators that produce electric power by temperature difference. Specifically, they offer a solution that converts normal


Mega gas Enterprises was established in 2015. It has developed a system that converts waste plastics to clean gaseous fuel through a clean process without emissions. This gas is sustainable and affordable. The byproduct of this process is liquid fuel. This is an alternative clean gaseous fuel compressed in cylinders used for cooking. It takes

Re-imagining enterprises post COVID-19

The novel COVID-19 has brought with it a myriad of challenges and uncertainties for enterprises across the globe. As governments grapple with what are best strategies to flatten the curve, businesses are busy trying to figure out strategies to sustain themselves for whatever comes next. The pandemic has thrown many in the deep end where

Dudu Dunia Feeds

Dudu Dunia Ltd aims to reduce domestic and community organic waste through products such as Dudu dunia composting kits and offering workshops for urban dwellers. Dudu Dunia also provides consultation on solutions for waste management to communities and businesses. Entrepreneur Name: Dhruvi Shethia Email: dududuniake@gmail.com Phone number: 0714748208 Website: N/A Location: Riverside, Nairobi Thematic Area:

Bdelo Ltd

Bdelo is a market leader in the production of healthy & tasty Maize Tortilla Chips & Tortillas that are 100 % naturally seasoned, gluten & preservative free. Bdelo’s products also serve as a nutritional boost for allergic, vegetarian and HALAL individuals. Bdelo thereby contributes to healthier diets. The firm sources her primary raw materials, maize,

Agrisafe Kenya Limited

Agrisafe Kenya limited is a social enterprise founded to alleviate poverty through Agri-preneurship and Trade. The organization promotes beekeeping as a livelihood resilience option among smallholder producers in ASAL areas targeting men, women, youth and people with special needs. Kenya is about 80% Arid and Semi-Arid areas (ASALS)making apiculture a fitting climate smart practice. The

Supacon Limited

Supacon Limited, which operates under the brand name “Essy’s premium”, produces and sells lemon juice products. The products are natural, healthy and refreshing drinks made from freshly squeezed lemon juice and ginger and packed in a convenient manner. Currently, the product comes in two flavours, a “Classic” which is the base product made of only

Raw Valley

Raw Valley is a fruit drink manufacturing company selling Fruit Burst Juice Flavors as her primary product. The company sources mangoes, from farmer groups in Machakos and Makueni thus reducing their post-harvest losses and creating extra value for the farmers to improve their livelihoods. In addition to this, Raw Valley donates a certain percentage of

Origen Fresh EPZ limited

Origen Fresh EPZ Ltd is a profit social enterprise aimed at empowering and transforming lives. The company was  founded in 2015 by 2 young entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference in the agricultural sector having worked in the sector in Kenya and across East Africa for more than 7 years. The company spent almost

Miyonga Fresh Greens Limited

Miyonga Farm is a transitional horticultural farm. The company grows horticultural products for the export market. Hitherto, the products include baby corn, French beans, mange gout, onions, okra, hangout, Kerala, Didhi, aubergine, garlic, capsicum, passion and fern. Miyonga fresh greens ltd applies technology, scientific knowledge and modern management techniques to farming to drive economic and