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Address: 121 King St, Dameitta, Egypt
Phone: +25-506-345-72
Email: motivoweb@gmail.com

Month: June 3, 2020

Lentera Africa Limited

Lentera limited is a soil health and crop nutrition company that seeks to restore soils to their optimum nutrition levels enabling farmers to attain higher yields. They provide farmers with affordable and effective organic and mineral fertilizers and soil conditioners. Lentera Limited was established in 2016 by Moses Kimani, who has a long experience in

Laikipia Permaculture

Laikipia Permaculture is a startup based in Laikipia that processes Cosmetic, Opuntia food products and Permaculture services. The company majors in the production of products using 3 distinct raw materials; Aloe secundiflora, Cactus and Honey. The cactus is processed in their local facility to manufacture yoghurt, juice, jam and Cactus wine. The Aloe Secundiflora is

Kijani Verde Limited

Kijani Verde is a company on a mission to reduce carbon emissions in Kenya while creating gainful employment for women and youth. Their vision is to leave a lasting impact in the communities in which they operate in. The company’s product, clean cookstoves, gives rural households an affordable alternate source of cooking. Households access this

Kenya Papaya Products Ltd

Kenya Papaya Ltd. is a family owned business started in 2017 to manufacture paw paw based and ganoderma mushroom blended products. Consumable products include papaya jam, papaya leaf tea, papaya seed oil and marketed under the brand name Deina. Currently, the business has contracted 400 farmers with an average 125 trees per farmer distributed over

Hephzibah International Limited

Hephzibah International Limited processes pure natural honey and manufactures organic peanut butter varieties. The peanut butter range of products offered include plain peanut butter, peanut butter with sesame, peanut butter with cashew nuts as well as peanut butter with sesame, cashew nuts and flax seeds. The company’s products aim to serve the growing health conscious

Goshen Farm Exporters Ltd

Goshen Farm Exporters Ltd is a grower, processor and exporter of Kenyan horticulture produce. They source their fresh produce from contracted small scale out growers located in various geographical locations in Kenya. They export mangoes, avocados, passion fruits and French beans. They also produce processed products and distribute them to production companies around the country

Exotic EPZ Limited

Exotic EPZ Ltd was founded in December 2012 and was in August 2017 acquired by Nawiri Agribusiness EPZ Ltd. The company engages in the processing and export of macadamia nuts and has recently dispatched its first 11-tonne consignment of nuts to the Netherlands. Exotic is owned by three women passionate about empowering rural smallholder farmers


Dashcrop is an agribusiness company working with smallholder farmers across five counties as a commercial aggregator, targeting the horticulture, poultry, cassava, soy-bean and sorghum value chains. They seek to provide a profitable market to the agricultural produce of smallholder farmers through complete value chain aggregation and processing of the same produce to products that meet

Chanay Agroprocessors Limited

Chanay Agri- Processors is in the business of value addition of Fruits and Vegetables such as ripe bananas and Mangos. The company’s anchor product is banana juice, a natural sweetener which is an alternative health drink to the health-conscious population. Chanay extends the shelf life of dessert bananas by changing its form to a longer

Botanic Treasures Limited

Botanic Treasures Ltd is a social enterprise empowering over 300 smallholder farmers to grow Moringa oleifera, a highly nutritious vegetable plant. Improving the livelihoods of farmers with additional income, the enterprise produces nutritional supplements and fortified foods that combat malnutrition and degenerative diseases, and support food security.  Botanic Treasures exist to foster increased consumption of