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Water Management

Considering used water a ‘waste’ but a vital resource

There is an urgent need for an important paradigm shift if we have to advance the multiple levels of sustainable sanitation services towards a circular economy where wastewater is considered a vital resource and not a liability. In 2018, the Wastewater: “From Waste to Resource” initiative was launched in the Los Angeles region to address

Xynate Lab Limited

Brief Profile: Xynate Limited provides a number of services to water service providers and vendors. The product/services offered include selling and installation of smart water meters, testing and calibration of water meters as well as non-revenue water management. The smart water meters play a key role in minimizing water losses through leak detection, providing the

Waterkiosk Limited

Brief Profile: Waterkiosk Limited sells, supplies & distributes potable affordable water, through the Winture® Planet Cube water desalination system. The Winture® Planet Cube is durable, easy-to-repair, and inexpensive to produce. This results in a clear cost advantage and in many cases a quality advantage over other local water suppliers. The outdoor water desalination system is

Camie Quest Limited

Brief Profile: Quest Fresh purified spring water a subsidiary of Camie Quest Limited aims to make drinking water safe, affordable and available to all. The company launched in Nairobi Kenya and factory based in Muranga, Gatanga location has developed a cost-effective grassroots distribution model through Water ATM operated outlets in different locations and perfected a

MIS Company Limited

MIS Co Limited is in the development of water management irrigation systems. They have innovated a shower drip mobile irrigation system that addresses water scarcity for agricultural production and high consumption of fossil fuels (petrol/diesel) under pump fed irrigation that increases carbon emissions. The machine has been configured with adjustment capabilities to accommodate both low

Majik Water Limited

Majik Water is harvesting clean drinking water from the air in arid and semi arid areas in Kenya. They have developed a prototype that harvest 10 liters of water in 24 hours in relative humidity areas of 55%. How it works: Air is pulled into the device using a solar powered fan Desiccant material absorbs