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Month: February 21, 2020

Businesses in East Africa set to benefit from new programme

Small Market Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya and Tanzania are set to benefit from the recently started programme

Vertical gardens the best alternative of farming

Inferring from global demographics, it is conclusive to say that the mortality rates are declining as a result of increasing living standards that closely relate to the industrial revolution. Consequently, the world’s demand for resources has increased, among them food. As a result of unmet food security and nutrition targets amidst the burgeoning human population, about 820 million people

  • Arnold Muthanga
  • February 20, 2020
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Technological trends in waste management

Technological trends in waste management On the precepts of waste hierarchy, most preferred waste management approach is minimization. Alternatively, as an option to where waste can not be prevented, there should be measures put in place for material and energy recovery as well as remanufacturing and recycling. The global waste volume is however increasing thus

Turning the tide on excess rains to reap maximum benefit

Turning the tide on excess rains to reap maximum benefit That climate change manifests itself primary through water is no longer in question.  The common belief however is that inadequate water, as witnessed during droughts, is what constitutes climate change. On the contrary, so many phenomena point to a change in climatic conditions. In addition

Thika company converts waste plastic into synthetic oil

Deep in the heart of Thika Town, a constituency that has been christened by many as the

  • Solomon Irungu N
  • February 3, 2020
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