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Month: November 30, 2017

Participation of more women in the energy sector is needed

In July this year, I had the pleasure of visiting Solinc East Africa Limited and I must say I was intrigued by the number of women involved in the assembly of solar panels. Trained and skilled women going about their duties, from the cutting, smoldering, stringing, assembling and testing of the products. This is the

Kuni Safi Briquettes: an ecofriendly source of renewable energy

The demand for energy in Kenya is increasing for households, businesses and industry. Increasing populations, aggressive deforestation, expanding economies and a lack of regulation have led to increasing fuel prices and shortages, which often hits hardest the households and businesses most in need. Approximately 82% of the population cooks with biomass (wood and charcoal). Biomass

  • Michelle Mung'ata
  • November 21, 2017
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Lentera: Climate smart agriculture through innovative inputs

Feeding the world’s growing population is a serious challenge. Food insecurity is concentrated in developing nations, where drought and low soil fertility are primary constraints to food production. Many crops in developing countries are supported by weathered soils in which nutrient deficiencies and ion toxicities are common. Many systems have declining soil fertility due to

Sunpawa taking over the solar energy market through technology incorporation

A vibrant solar energy market has developed in Kenya over the years to supplement the demand for electricity to homes and institutions which are remote from the national grid and for medium temperature water heaters for domestic and commercial usage. Kenya being at the equator is at an advantage compared to other countries, in the

World’s first solar-powered irrigation pump with a five-year warranty launches in Kenya

In a sector that is rife with small and unreliable irrigation pumps, both petrol and solar, there is now a pump that is robust and reliable. Its manufacturers, Futurepump Ltd, have availed the pump with a five-year warranty. The SF2 pump which was launched on 25th October, 2017 is capable of delivering up to one litre of water

Converting waste into profitable organic fertilizer

Waste management has evolved over time. Different companies, both public and private have claimed their space in the collection and recycling of waste products, a market that has been fragmented. According to Daniel Luis Paffenholz, founder of Taka Taka Solutions, Nairobi produces over 3,000 tonnes of waste per day, half of which is not collected.

Reducing the carbon footprint in the world through production of briquettes

Coal is one of the most common and dangerous fuels in the world today. Its production entails cutting down of trees, and its use produces carbon emissions into the atmosphere resulting in severe environmental, social and medical problems. Innovations have come up to limit the use of not only coal but also wood, which amounts