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Sunpawa taking over the solar energy market through technology incorporation

  • By Michelle Mung'ata
  • November 21, 2017
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A vibrant solar energy market has developed in Kenya over the years to supplement the demand for electricity to homes and institutions which are remote from the national grid and for medium temperature water heaters for domestic and commercial usage. Kenya being at the equator is at an advantage compared to other countries, in the amount of sunshine received annually. A preliminary survey done in 2005 established that the annual market demand for Photo Voltaic (PV) panels was projected to grow at 15% annually.

Sunpawa Energy, founded by Paul Ndolo and a subsidiary of Riecotel Group experts in Telecom and ICT Integration, is a renewable energy and energy efficiency operator on one-green-grid, incorporated in Kenya as a limited company in the year 2017. 

It is expanding into a fully-fledged clean energy operator by offering energy-as-a-service on pay-as-you-use tariff.  Their focus is on delivery of clean, affordable, efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable energy to homes/estates and industries. Their solution enables you to own and manage all your energy from your mobile phone anywhere and at any time.

The company has seven revenue streams with up to eleven products and services. They supply and install solar systems, offer energy monitoring and metering as a managed service, energy as a service on pay as you use, automation as a service, data as a service, consultancy services and solar PV e-waste management on one-green-grid.

Sunpawa Energy has major advantages over its competitors. They offer quality products and services and at low costs. They also leverage on technology and innovative clean energy business models which positions it way ahead of the other industry players.

Being at the startup stage, Paul states, “We plan to carry out extensive and effective marketing activities in order to create demand for our products and services and grow our market share.”

Some of their major current and potential clients vary from industries to individual home owners. They offer Microgrid/Building Solar Solutions (MSS), to real-estate developers by installing and billing tenants for solar power consumed, solar cold storage systems for Farmers/Fishers, solar water heating for homes and industries, solar street lighting solution to estates, counties and institutions on Rent To Own basis, Sunpawa shades with solar charging stations for hybrid and electric bikes, cycles, cars, charging phones and devices on Pay As You Use basis.

They also offer consultancy services on Renewable Energy Policy, energy efficiency, climate change and enernet for industries, counties and governments, solar e-waste tracking and management, home and office automation, property management and data as a service, all over solar smart grid.

The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) has been providing capacity building services, information and facilities to Sunpawa. They have been provided assistance with product development, business model restructuring and marketing strategies amongst the services provided.

The company has a vision to expand into other East Africa countries. Besides, the government has provided for an opportunity for local and international investors under Feed in Tariff (FiT) regulation in the off-grid solar market and solar lighting products. The side in demand sparked by devolution, international energy access programme, and urbanization is a great opportunity. Sunpawa’s mission is to grow, automate and optimize on the opportunities of smart green grid.

By Michelle Mung’ata