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Month: October 29, 2020

Conventional or Organic Farming?

“Economic growth and an increasing total global population have driven the human civilization into resource-intensive diets. Convectional farming has traditionally fulfilled the course of increasing demand but has largely falling short of addressing an equally important problem of climate change, prompting the gradual shift to organic farming” Conventional farming is characteristic of high-input modern agriculture

Maji Milele partners with UNTAPPED to provide financial aid to Water Service Providers

Social enterprise Maji Milele recently partnered with UNTAPPED to provide financial aid to their water service clients who have a business case but not enough capital to purchase their products. Having been in the market for six years now, Maji Milele has managed to scale to over 30 counties across Kenya. Their products, prepaid and smart water meters and ATM

An organic food startup offering nutritious options

Last week on 16th October, 2020, the whole world celebrated world food day. This day gives us an opportunity to reflect on the basic needs of humanity and reminds us that major transformations in food systems and eating behaviors are greatly needed to enhance progress on all sustainable development goals especially, in a world where people

Tala Iconic Business World: Empowering Women and Youth through Agribusiness

According to the 2017 World Food Prize laureate, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, “the future of African youth lies in agriculture.”  This future can be realized through empowering women and youth in agribusiness as well as creating employment opportunities for them. Nelson Mutugi, an ambitious entrepreneur, ventured into agribusiness with the zeal for social change to ensure

Green Financing

Today, human civilization faces a pressing problem of increasing global vulnerability to climate change that demands urgent action towards the reduction of carbon emissions. Unfortunately, global warming and the collective idea of climate change has greatly been attributed to economic activities with the aspiration for value maximization. Inexplicably, the banking industry constitutes the principal component

Does the government have a role in stimulating growth in the SME sector?

The government plays a leading role in the provision of an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. One such way is through the provision of incentives to attract investments in the private sector. Small and micro enterprises (SMEs) particularly require a host of incentives to enable them survive, given the numerous constraints that affect their

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Kenyan Farmer Providing Affordable Medicinal Solutions

Vitman Wafula, a farmer based in Kakamega county, has set up a medicinal garden where he raises seedlings for medicinal plants and trees. He also keeps both stingless and stinging bees and harvests their honey for medicinal purposes. He started his project in 2014 with the hope of giving the villagers an easily accessible and

Engineer-turned farmer’s way of sowing potatoes

Where do your home fries, chips, french fries and mashed potatoes originate? You have probably never seen a packet of potato seeds for sale in supermarkets because potatoes do not grow true to seed, like apples, they propagate vegetatively.  Potatoes are one of the easiest and most productive backyard crops to grow. The downside however,