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An organic food startup offering nutritious options

  • By Grace Oyuka
  • October 22, 2020
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Last week on 16th October, 2020, the whole world celebrated world food day. This day gives us an opportunity to reflect on the basic needs of humanity and reminds us that major transformations in food systems and eating behaviors are greatly needed to enhance progress on all sustainable development goals especially, in a world where people seem to value and always incorporate unhealthy eating.

Healthy intervention efforts, including primary prevention campaigns, usually encourage consumers to trade off the expected enjoyment of comfort foods and start working towards a more positive and well-being centered perspective of human eating behavior; This is what Mary Njuguna, founder Green wells organics is trying to encourage.

Being one of the 200 beneficiaries of the Agribusiness program funded by the European Union, Danida and implemented by the Kenya Climate and Innovation Centre, the startup company which was founded in 2019, offers healthy products at affordable prices. “There are many health conditions that we can avoid simply by being intentional about what we eat and drink, and Green wells are offering people the best chance to do so at a fair price,” said Mary.

From soups, juices, wholesome porridge made from roots and vegetables, to honey, peanut butter, and many others, the company is intentional in offering healthy options to counter lifestyle diseases. “We came to realize that consumers not only in Kenya but all over the world are increasingly becoming health conscious and are more concerned about the quality of their food supply. Our objective, therefore, is to encourage healthy eating even among people with no health complications.” She added.

COVID-19 has greatly impacted her business. She had to close temporarily but now with the necessary measures in place, she has managed to open and people are making orders.

Most of their fruits are also seasonal and obtaining a cold room will assist them in having a continuous supply of products throughout the year.

She concluded by appreciating donors of the agribusiness program, European Union, Danida, and KCIC for their assurance and promising to stand with her startup and other small business operators.

“I am glad KCIC came on board when I needed them the most. Being a startup, there are many difficulties that we encounter along our journey. They have helped me achieve some of the milestones I had set for my enterprise,” she explained.

She hopes to build a solid foundation with KCIC and be more competitive in the market place which she says has been a challenge.