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Month: March 21, 2018

Market gap spurs business niche in energy

After a year of research and being trained on solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies at the Strathmore Energy Research Centre, Kevin and Evan set out to establish a 100% local company to implement, rectify and set standards in Solar PV in Sub-Saharan Africa. Driven by the SDG 7; Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern

Innovative system that monitors water levels

One of the many challenges we experience as human beings is impending water shortages. The situation in Cape Town, South Africa is a reflection of how climate change is affecting the world. Libya, Western Sahara, Yemen, Djibouti and Jordan are primary models of countries experiencing water shortages on a vast level. In Kenya, the situation is

Lending to rural households for renewable energy access

Rafode have been creating value by delivering high quality solar systems since 2013. They offer Global Lighting certified equipment exclusively via short term credit lines, typically 24-36 weekly instalments. The credit plan is affordable as it substitutes the traditional monthly energy spending (kerosene lamps, dry cells). Risk is reduced through the group guarantee mechanism in

Simgas changing lives with renewable energy

Johnson Muraguri a retired CMC engineer left work two years ago to pursue farming full time. Before his retirement, he spent a substantial amount of time on the internet feeding his curiosity on biogas. “I was very interested in how biogas worked so I continued to gather information on it and bumped into Simgas on

Converting cooking oil into renewable energy

Did you know that it is possible to recycle cooking oil to produce bio diesel? Well it is, and one young brilliant Kenyan entrepreneur is doing it. Waste oil has been known to clog kitchen sinks and drainages, is an eyesore and a major environmental concern. Having been established in 2014, the company delved into

Sankalp Africa Summit 2018: innovation in one space

The 5th Sankalp Africa Summit was held on the 1st -2nd of March at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS). The event brought together entrepreneurs, investors, intermediaries and individuals with interests in the entrepreneurship community locally and globally. This year’s theme was Open Alliances for a Sustainable and Inclusive Africa 2030. Kenya Climate Innovation