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Month: August 25, 2022

CLP Kenya National Finals set for 30th August

The finalists for the 2022 Kenya Climate LaunchPad competition are officially set to square off on August 30, 2022, for the top three positions in this year’s contest. The contestants will compete on a virtual platform hosted via Zoom by Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), where guests can register to watch the live pitching. The finals will also be

Promoting Drip Irrigation to enhance food security

Drip irrigation technology can help farms adapt to climate change by ensuring effective water use. By supplying the appropriate water resources directly to the plant as needed, drip irrigation lowers the demand for water during seasonal droughts and reduces water evaporation losses. Due to the rising population, unpredictable rainfall brought on by recurring droughts, and

How AgrBiz Grant is changing Lives in Isiolo

To raise the money for the establishment of Apple, Steve Jobs had to sell his Volkswagen. Blood and sweat alone do not build a corporate empire. It is impossible to overstate the necessity of capital for the launch of a firm. It is essential. Resources related to funding a business are among the most popular

Focusing on mechanization for sustainable agriculture

Agriculture mechanization is a significant contribution to crop production and has generally been ignored with regard to developing nations. The ability to develop sufficient land is compromised by factors that make farm power less accessible. These factors have long been seen as sources of poverty, notably in sub-Saharan Africa. Expanding the power supply to agribusiness

Youth in Agriculture set to benefit from Vijana na AgriBiz Competition

Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) has launched a call for applications for the Vijana na AgriBiz Competition under the AgriBiz program. The competition aims to identify and support the youth’s viable and high-growth innovative agribusiness ideas. The program will help agripreneurs establish sustainable businesses through capacity building, mentorship, market linkages, and financing.  The call for

Tackling Climate change in already vulnerable areas

The subtle and obvious effects of climate change are being felt by people everywhere. The destructive effects of a rapidly changing climate and the urgent need for answers are demonstrated by gradually altering weather patterns, increasing sea levels, and more extreme weather occurrences. Although all nations on all continents are impacted by climate change, not