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Focusing on mechanization for sustainable agriculture

  • By Tobias Meso
  • August 18, 2022
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Agriculture mechanization is a significant contribution to crop production and has generally been ignored with regard to developing nations. The ability to develop sufficient land is compromised by factors that make farm power less accessible. These factors have long been seen as sources of poverty, notably in sub-Saharan Africa. Expanding the power supply to agribusiness implies that more undertakings can be finished with flawless timing, and more fertile regions can be cultivated to create more harvests while monitoring average assets. Applying innovations that are harmless to the ecosystem empowers farmers to produce crops productively by utilizing less power.

Kenya Climate Innovation Center has been on the lead in supporting enterprises focused on innovation and creating innovative machinery for sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agricultural mechanization can make post-harvest, processing, and marketing operations and functions more efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly, which can substantially impact the growth of value chains and food systems.

Growing mechanization does not always need significant expenditures on tractors and other equipment. Depending on the task and the person conducting it, farmers must select the most suitable power source for the operation. Their needs should be successfully and efficiently satisfied by the amount of mechanization.

Geofrey Kamwara is the founder of Kalinix innovations and designs. The Isiolo-based enterprise deals with the innovation of farm machinery, incubators and a wide range of product designs. The company makes farming machines that are efficient and affordable. They produce machines like incubators, and small combined harvesters from scratch, which are long-lasting and affordable in the market. The company, a beneficiary of KCIC AgriBiz program learnt about KCIC from their website and got enrolled in the program after making an application. KCIC has since been offering training to the enterprise, specifically on record keeping and marketing skills.

Since then, the company has reduced the high number of imported incubators with the option they have provided of locally assembled incubators. The enterprise’s biggest challenge is piracy. Geofrey explained how many people copy his work and try to make it their own. “Today I have not carried all of our machines since we fear piracy,” said the director during a Northern frontier counties business conference held in Nairobi which KCIC organized.

Innovation must take center stage if any business is to maintain and continue to develop. This is due to the shifting times and the new needs they bring with them that call for innovations. Companies need to stay current by changing existing procedures and implementing new strategies that will support the development of winning concepts and the creation of new value.

In many farming-based societies, women and youth play a significant role. In certain nations, women account for up to 80% of all farm labor. This indicates that, from a social, cultural, and economic point of view, power sources (human, animal, or motor-based) need to be adjusted to such demands. Drudgery reduction is a crucial component of sustainable mechanization, and it helps farmers by taking into account technologies that are suitable for their needs and expanding their access to suitable sources of farm power.