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Defying the Honey Badger: Mister Bee’s Indestructible Hives

  • By KCIC Communications
  • August 4, 2023
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In the bustling world of beekeeping, amidst the several challenges buzzing over beekeepers, the relentless threat of the infamous honey badger looms large. Fierce and fearless, honey badgers have posed a significant threat to wooden beehives for years, leaving beekeepers counting huge losses.

The medium-sized members of the weasel family are considered one of the toughest animals in the world, with their ability to take on any prey, cobras, and all, with little to no consequence.

With a determination that outweighs their size, they can take on any threat. The vicious stings of the African honeybees, if you’re wondering, only whets their appetite for honey.

Enter Mister Bee, an innovative enterprise based in Machakos County, offering innovative beekeeping solutions that not only thwart honey badgers but also present a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wooden hives.

At the heart of Mister Bee’s groundbreaking solutions lies the concrete beehive -an indestructible fortress that weighs about 100kgs, effectively safeguarding honeybees against the relentless onslaught of honey badgers.

These hives stand impervious to the sharp claws and teeth of these voracious predators, ensuring the safety of the precious honey and honeybee larvae within. Beyond its honey badger resistance, the concrete hive brings other invaluable benefits, transforming the beekeeping industry.

“For each concrete hive used, a tree is saved, making it a sustainable choice compared to traditional wooden hives. Furthermore, these hives are a one-time investment, eliminating the need for regular replacements, unlike their wooden counterparts. This not only reduces costs for beekeepers but also lessens the impact on forests hence contributing to a greener future.,” says Joseck Matheri, the founder of Mister Bee.

Another persistent challenge faced by beekeepers is the invasion of wax moths, which can decimate the wax produced by bees, rendering their honey-making efforts futile. With wooden hives, combating wax moths is challenging, but the concrete hive provides a solution. Matheri explains that fire treatment, an effective method against wax moths, can be readily applied to the concrete hive, further enhancing its appeal as a practical and durable choice for beekeepers.

The unique properties of Mister Bee’s concrete hives also ensure that bee colonies remain at an ideal temperature even during hot seasons, relieving bees from the burden of over-flapping their wings to cool the hive. Moreover, the hefty weight of the hive makes it theft-proof, offering additional security to beekeepers’ valuable assets.

Kenya Climate Innovation Center Support

Mister Bee credits its success and growth to the support provided by the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) through the GreenBiz program. The proof-of-concept financing from KCIC allowed the enterprise to refine and test its innovative product. Additionally, KCIC facilitated the navigation of intellectual property and patenting processes, empowering Mister Bee to establish a solid foundation for its business.

“We are now taking a comprehensive approach to beekeeping, with an end-to-end business model. We not only sell hives to our clients, but also manage the beehives for a duration, train farmers to become self-sufficient, and even offer a specialized compound that attracts bees to the hives. We also extend our services to include harvesting and buying honey from the farmers, ensuring market access and continuous business growth,” Matheri elaborates.

Mister Bee’s concrete beehive marks a pivotal turning point in sustainable and predator-resistant beekeeping solutions. Combining innovation, ecological consciousness, and comprehensive support to beekeepers, Mister Bee stands as a one-stop-shop for all things honey. With the ruthless honey badger finally meeting its match, the future of beekeeping looks brighter, greener, and more secure.