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Promoting Sustainable Agriculture through Innovative Organic Fertilizer

  • By KCIC Communications
  • August 28, 2023
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The reality of market waste is all too familiar for Kenyan residents who frequent these bustling centers. “The stench that emanates from poorly managed waste products can be quite repulsive,” Richard remarks. “It is a visible sign of a far-reaching problem – one that contributes to environmental degradation and exacerbates the global warming crisis we face. Take a look at Muthurwa market in Nairobi, a constant reminder of the magnitude of this challenge.”

With unwavering determination, Organic Fields, situated in Ruiru, Kiambu county has risen to this challenge, thereby  crafting a solution that bridges waste with sustainability. “We’ve pioneered an approach that takes discarded waste in the food markets and transforms it into organic fertilizer, a component that revitalizes soil and curbs carbon emissions. This, in essence, is a testament to the immense potential within waste.” Richard Mwangi, the visionary founder and CEO of Organic Fields explains.

Integral to this transformation is a symbiotic collaboration. “At Organic Fields, we’re not just reducing waste but also empowering young men and women from our communities, Richard affirms. They are the medium of change involved with collecting and aggregating waste before it undergoes a transformative process at our composition site. Here, we create something profoundly impactful – organic fertilizer that nurtures both the soil and future generations.”

The significance of this undertaking is further elevated by the support of the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) through its Greenbiz Program. “Our partnership with KCIC has been a cornerstone of our success,” Richard acknowledges. “Since 2021, their support has transcended financial aid. They have amplified our marketing efforts by supporting us in branding activities, enriched the local farmers through knowledge-sharing, and empowered us with invaluable business management skills through the various trainings that we have been able to attend. This synergy has also given birth to a distinct local brand, solidifying our presence in the market.”

Central to Organic Fields’ impact is a line of bio-fertilizers that stands as a testament to innovation’s potential. “Our bio-fertilizers, including Hygrow Organic Fertilizer, Bio Dama Bio Fertilizer, Champion Organic Foliar Fertilizer, and Organic Copper Power, go beyond conventional alternatives. The effectiveness of these bio-fertilizers transcends theory. “Our products, when properly applied, play a big role in ensuring robust plant health and amplified crop yields. With a 10-25% increase in yield, our bio-fertilizers redefine what’s possible in agriculture ” Richard narrates.

Richard’s vision extends beyond productivity. In a world fueled by chemical and petroleum-based fertilizers, he envisions a future where agriculture nurtures both humanity and the planet. ”Whether it’s industrial farmers or home gardeners, the bounty they reap should be the fruit of sustainability – nourishing produce grown in harmony with our environment.”

Organic Fields’ journey stands as a remarkable example of what can be achieved when innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment converge to create a greener and more promising world for generations to come, a future where waste no longer signifies neglect but potential.

For more information about Organic Fields: http://www.organicfields.co.ke/