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Month: May 17, 2022

Seeking a business opportunity? Try ‘Kienyeji’ farming

Modern farming forms seek to increase crop yield by implementing farm practices that can decimate the environment. Additionally, these methods require maximum input to deliver maximum output. The use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides further creates harmful effects on the farm, destroying the soil microorganisms and pollinators, causing soil acidity, and depleting soil nutrients.

Banana flour: Tharaka Nithi women’s novel idea to escape poverty

Banana farmers across the country have endured many years of frustration arising from a lack of market, pests, diseases, and low productivity. In seasons of high productivity, many bananas sometimes go for as low as Shs 1,000, to the disappointment of farmers who invest a lot in fertilizers and labor. A Tharaka Nithi farmer has

Sikkim is 100% organic. Here are some lessons for us.

Recently, Sikkim state celebrated its 6th anniversary as a fully organic state. Sikkim made a mark globally with this achievement. It was the first time any government anywhere globally had attempted and successfully achieved 100% organic status. Following the conversion into an organic state, Sikkim was awarded the One World Award (Grand Prix) by IFOAM-Organics

Is organic farming the magic for achieving sustainability?

With the daily rise in population, scientists are developing ways of producing more food. They are inventing synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. These products save on time and labor compared to the organic methods. But did they really have the future in mind? My answer is NO. Our forefathers did it right, the natural way, and

Decolonizing agriculture

Agriculture for long was the primary and main economic activity of Kenyans in several households. Animal and crop farming empowered families economically and provided the households with nutritious food and income. In the early 1900s, missionaries introduced education and Christianity in central and Western Kenyan regions as the Muslim religion dominated the coastal areas. This

The Climathon Challenge: A Challenge for Timber Construction Enthusiasts

  Over the years, there have been many misconceptions concerning timber construction in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Timber is considered fragile and susceptible to natural risks such as flooding, termite infestation, and wildfires. Wood construction is also perceived to be insecure as it would be easy for criminals to break inside a wooden house. Timber has

Bungoma Agribusiness Expo set for Friday, May 13

The first edition of the Bungoma Agribusiness Expo will be kicking off on May 13 at Posta Grounds in Bungoma with the participation of major agricultural aggregators, local farmers, and investors from Bungoma.   In association with Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, KCIC, the County Government of Bungoma welcomes producers, suppliers, and distributors to the Expo. The one-day