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Is organic farming the magic for achieving sustainability?

  • By Brian King'ori
  • May 17, 2022
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With the daily rise in population, scientists are developing ways of producing more food. They are inventing synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. These products save on time and labor compared to the organic methods. But did they really have the future in mind? My answer is NO.

Our forefathers did it right, the natural way, and that was the best way.

Organic farming is a term that well describes a practice where synthetic fertilizers are replaced with animal manures, ashes, green manure, and nitrogen-fixing plants (legumes). On the other hand, inorganic pesticides are replaced with mixtures formed from plant extracts with pest repelling properties, like the Mexican Marigold, herbs, Eucalyptus, and garlic. 

We are all witnesses to the harmful effects of conventional farming (inorganic farming). Our soils are dying. I can’t really recall the last time I saw an earthworm? Farmers are cutting down trees to give space for more farmland to feed everyone. Very few care how the next generation will be affected by the poor farming practices.

Not only does organic farming aid in the production of healthy foods, but it also does that sustainably without affecting the environment. The soil is well taken care of and there is a presence of living organisms in it. Trees play a huge role in the environment. Organic farming supports agroforestry, which means maintaining a safe water table level. This is vital as rising water tables can create saline soils that can’t support plant life.

Again on the issue of sustainability, this type of farming does not participate in carbon emissions. The best part is that it removes a significant amount of carbon from the environment. This sounds so good, as carbon emission today poses enormous threats to human life. CO2 emissions are victims of the current climatic changes, which significantly affect farmers, especially those who totally depend on rainfall.

Organic farming ensures that trees and other perennial crops are intercropped or rotated, with the short-term crops that take 3-4 months to mature, especially in horticulture farming.

The bottom line here is that organic farming is the magic portion when it comes to making sure that sustainability is achieved.

Brian King’ori is a freelance writer