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Month: April 6, 2022

Good Agricultural Practices: Key factor towards achieving a sustainable future

The essential environmental and operational conditions required to produce safe, healthy crops are known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). GAPs are intended to provide rational direction in implementing optimal management practices that will help limit the risk of microbiological contamination of crops. Worker hygiene and health, manure use and water quality throughout the production and

Focusing on Innovative ways to Save the Environment

Pesticides are poisonous substances released into the environment on purpose. Even though each pesticide is designed to kill a specific insect, fungicide, mold or bacteria, many pesticides end up somewhere other than their intended target. When pesticides flow from fields, escape storage tanks, are not properly removed, and are sprayed aerially, they can readily contaminate

How an Agripreneur turned University Research work to Big Business

Dorah Mumanyi is the founder of the Nutritious Agriculture Network (NAN) and leads the I-pop Africa initiative. I-pop Africa reclaims the sovereignty of the lost traditional and indigenous grains, including sorghum, millet, and amaranth. These are grains that have often been forgotten and underutilized. They are mostly used at household level for making ugali ,

Fungiculture is gradually taking shape in Kenya

A few years ago it could have been rare to meet a farmer who cultivates mushrooms or other fungi for consumption, leave alone for commercial purposes. Fungiculture which involves cultivation of mushrooms and other fungi products has grown from its humble beginnings and is today practiced in the modern world. Mushroom consumption was first practiced

Agribiz on the rescue of Rural Farmers

A youth-owned business involved in feed formulation, milling and distribution under the Farmer’s Smile brand is making a difference for farmers in Kiambu. The enterprise also organizes farmer training sessions for dairy and other value chains. Farmer’s Smile founder and CEO Peter Nganga, saw the need to create events for farmers where they can meet,

Why Farmers Should Embrace Organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are mineral sources found in nature and include a moderate amount of plant and animal waste that can be applied in soil or plants to help them grow by providing nutrients. They release nutrients into the soil solution, ensuring that plant nutrition is balanced. Soil structure improves due to the organic matter in

Harvesting water hyacinth to make Organic Fertilizer

Water hyacinth is a free-floating, flowering invasive aquatic plant that originated in South America’s Amazon Basin. Since the 1800s, it has primarily spread to the tropics and subtropics. The water hyacinth has been classified as an invasive aquatic plant in the United States. It is commonly known as the waterweed and is now considered a

Irrigation systems: A primary tool in fighting climate change

Water is a necessary component of life. Water makes up over 70% of the human body, while plants comprise nearly 90% of water. Crops, too, require water to grow and flourish. Irrigation is applying water to the soil artificially using tubes, pumps, and sprays. Irrigation is commonly employed in locations where rainfall is unpredictable or

What is organic farming?

Climate change has become a global issue. Countries worldwide are joining hands to come up with a remedy. In search of a solution, Organic farming has gained popularity among researchers, farmers, and environmental conservationists. Consequently, as an ecologically extensive system, organic agriculture has become a solid and effective solution to the increasing global demand for

Why is organic farming important?

Agriculture is the backbone of many global economies. The use of chemical fertilizers has led to the extinction of some organisms that have been critical to ecological balance and environmental conservation. Dwindling returns from farming are because of detrimental technology that had not been proven and now exuding disastrous effects. Organic farming refers to agricultural