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Why Farmers Should Embrace Organic fertilizers

  • By Tobias Meso
  • April 5, 2022
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Organic fertilizers are mineral sources found in nature and include a moderate amount of plant and animal waste that can be applied in soil or plants to help them grow by providing nutrients. They release nutrients into the soil solution, ensuring that plant nutrition is balanced. Soil structure improves due to the organic matter in organic fertilizer, and the soil’s ability to store water and nutrients improves. Applying organic fertilizers to agricultural lands, such as those made from compost, could enhance the amount of carbon retained in these soils and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, increasing organic matter in soils may have other greenhouse gas-reducing impacts, such as enhanced soil workability, excellent water retention, reduced production and usage of mineral fertilizers and reduced release of nitrous oxide. Even though Organic fertilizer is more expensive than synthetic fertilizer, it can reduce pesticide use and overall nitrogen, phosphate and potassium requirements. This makes it cost effective due to the reductions.

In Kenya soil fertility decrease continues to be a fundamental constraint to agricultural productivity. Despite the novelty of organic-based technology, acceptance is minimal. Farmers need to learn more about their unique organic-based practices and the socioeconomic factors that influence the adoption intensity of specific organic-based technologies. Enterprises and companies are on the surge of advocating for the use of organic fertilizers and its benefits.

In the concluded Kiambu county Youth innovation and entrepreneurship week, which took place in Juja, most exhibitors showcased innovations in organic fertilizer production and usage. One such exhibitor was Multi-organic fertilizers, specializing in the production and sell of organic fertilizers. Based in Gilgil, Nakuru county, the company collects organic products like chicken and goat droppings. They process the products to produce multi-organic fertilizer.

Isaac Chege, the salesperson at Multi-organic fertilizers, says they saw the need for farmers to go the organic way and make it possible for them to access the product. “We looked into the environment and society we live in, which motivated us to start producing the organic fertilizers,” he said. The company sells the products to farmers countrywide and has received support from institutions that support sustainability such as Kenya Climate Innovation Center(KCIC). “KCIC were impressed to see what we do and we are walking a very productive journey with them,” said Chege.

It is time farmers embrace organic fertilizers due to their adverse benefits to humans and the ecosystem. Organic fertilizers enhance soil structure, texture, and aeration, boosting the soil’s ability to retain water and stimulating healthy root development. Compost fertilizer is crucial to the ecosystem because it treats the soil by eliminating acidity and making it beneficial for crop growth. It also helps the soil maintain moisture and suppresses plant diseases and pests by slowly releasing food nutrients to the crops. Focusing on such trends makes a net-zero world and a sustainable future achievable.