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Month: August 27, 2020

Camie Quest Limited

Brief Profile: Quest Fresh purified spring water a subsidiary of Camie Quest Limited aims to make drinking water safe, affordable and available to all. The company launched in Nairobi Kenya and factory based in Muranga, Gatanga location has developed a cost-effective grassroots distribution model through Water ATM operated outlets in different locations and perfected a

MIS Company Limited

MIS Co Limited is in the development of water management irrigation systems. They have innovated a shower drip mobile irrigation system that addresses water scarcity for agricultural production and high consumption of fossil fuels (petrol/diesel) under pump fed irrigation that increases carbon emissions. The machine has been configured with adjustment capabilities to accommodate both low

Majik Water Limited

Majik Water is harvesting clean drinking water from the air in arid and semi arid areas in Kenya. They have developed a prototype that harvest 10 liters of water in 24 hours in relative humidity areas of 55%. How it works: Air is pulled into the device using a solar powered fan Desiccant material absorbs

Sunken Ltd

Brief Profile: Sunken ltd is a company that works in partnership with institutions through-out the Kenyan region to provide integrated services and innovative business solutions to commercial enterprises. The business specializes in economic and social development by providing green energy solutions to small scale farmers, communities and commercial projects. Sunken supplies a package of services

Solar Team

Brief Profile: Solar Team is a team of  revolutionary solar energy experts passionate about creating quality and innovative customer focused solar solutions with a view to transform African economies. They specialize in design, importation, distribution, installation and maintenance of solar power solutions. Their main solutions comprises of; Solar power lighting systems, solar power backup systems,

Savanna Circuit Technologies Limited

Brief Profile: Savanna Circuit Technologies Limited is a manufacturing and last mile distribution company that provides dairy farmers and cooperatives with portable solar milk chillers, quality control equipment and farmer management system offering real-time data from collection points while cutting milk spillage and spoilage for maximized profits through sale or lease model. The products/services they

Natural Char Energy Limited

Brief Profile: Natural Char  is a manufacturing company of charcoal briquettes from recycling of organic wastes such as coconut husks, shells. Since briquettes are created from compressing combustible materials, they are denser, harder, and more compact therefore; slow-burning, more efficient ,smokeless and affordable product for clean cooking. Entrepreneur Name:John Gathaiga Email:info@naturalcharenergy.co.ke Phone number:0702200005 Website:N/A Location:Mombasa

Leafy Life Private Ltd Co.

Brief Profile: Leafy Life plans to convert used diapers to make fuel to be used at homes. We sell this fuel to informal settlements. They plan on  collecting these diapers and process them using advanced techniques to make their fuel gel. The fuel burns cleanly with no carbon monoxide thus eliminating death by poisoning cases

Kawi Track

Brief Profile: Kawitrack was formed as a collaboration of four co-founders with engineering, technology and business acumen. The business was created to empower people and institutions to make informed decisions affecting their energy efficiency. They accomplish this through leveraging on real-time utility monitoring and powerful analytics to convert data into actionable information. Kawitrack uses hardware

Creos Limited

Brief Profile: The company understands that energy can be a huge overhead in day to day running of businesses. This comes a close third after materials and labor in the operational costs hierarchy. It is their business to ensure that these costs are kept at a minimum especially in the energy costs of production or