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Address: 121 King St, Dameitta, Egypt
Phone: +25-506-345-72
Email: motivoweb@gmail.com

Month: August 27, 2020

FarmTrack Consulting Limited

Brief Profile: Farmtrack works with market players in the agricultural sector to ensure sustainability in agricultural production through pest management technologies. They have partnered  with institutions and organisations that are both from public and private sectors.Working closely with farmers and farmer groups to provide consultancy and assistance to develop their capacity. Entrepreneur Name: Stephen Othim

Endnep Innovations Limited

Brief Profile: Endnep Innovation processes organic pesticides and plants crops for export. The pesticide is organic and conforms to green energy priorities . The company sells its product at kes  2000 abag and kes 2500 a packet of fertilizer. Endnep innovations aims to offer this solution through seminars and farm visits. Entrepreneur Name:Endoveria Humphress Email:hendoveria@yahoo.com

Eldo Tea Enterprises

Brief Profile: Eldo Tea Enterprises is a speciality tea exporter based in Nandi County with a marketing office in the capital city Nairobi. Its principal products​, all sourced from farmers,​ are speciality orthodox purple, green, and white tea. The firm also deals with black CTC tea (blended with herbs). Eldo Tea seeks to provide specialty

Dudu Masters

Brief Profile: Dudu Master  deals with production of the black soldier fly-larvae (insect protein), vermicompost, and trains youth, women and farmers on how to rear the insect at the comfort of their homes for their livestock, poultry, fish, and pets’ feeds. The black soldier fly-larvae (Insect-protein) is an alternative source of protein for animal feeds.

Young, female and an agriculturalist

There are few young people you meet and they inspire you so much. One such person is Carolyne Mukuhi Mwangi. You do not have to take my word on it, take the President’s word. She was recently the 2019 Youth in Agriculture Award by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Kiambu County Government also named her a Shujaa

How ISO 26000 can benefit your organization

An In-Depth Review of ISO 26000 Organizations do not exist in a bubble. Both small and large organizations are a part of broader economic, political and societal systems. They therefore need to recognize and support the wellbeing of the communities within which they operate. The easiest way to do this is by initiating corporate social

Agritecture: The Solution to Sustainable Cities

Agritecture is a name for the intersection of architecture and agriculture which is being seen most prominently in the emerging urban farming movement. According to Henry Gordon Smith; one of the early advocates of agritecture, he described it as the art, science and business of integrating agriculture into cities.  Fundamentally, agritecture seeks to define home as

The end of fossil fuel. Is it here yet?

Has peak oil arrived and what are the impact and opportunities for cleantech? Peak oil. It has been a topic of heated conversation for decades. The traditional definition describes it as the theorised point in time when the maximum rate of extraction of petroleum is reached, after which it enters into terminal decline. In 1962,

Kabete Vegrow: Farming, a solution to youth unemployment

The percentage of unemployed youth has been growing exponentially in the past decade with an explosion in this Corona period. James Irungu, propelled by joblessness, ventured into farming by sheer luck. A close friend offered him an income opportunity through greenhouse farming and he has no regrets on choosing this path. In June 2019, he