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Renewable Energy

Creos Limited

Brief Profile: The company understands that energy can be a huge overhead in day to day running of businesses. This comes a close third after materials and labor in the operational costs hierarchy. It is their business to ensure that these costs are kept at a minimum especially in the energy costs of production or

Community Shelter Works

Brief Profile: Community Shelter Works Limited is a Private Company. They have invented a Clean Electricity Generator, which is reliable, and it can be transported to different locations. It is battery operated, with a leveraged Flywheel to enhance Mechanical Force, and an Inverter to continuously charge the batteries. It can be scaled up to any

Athel Technology

Brief Profile: Athel technology manufactures solar electric cookers with gas burners, solar electric grills for barbeque and electric ovens for baking. All products come with inbuilt backup batteries and solar panels. Most Africans, Kenya included, have access to little other than firewood, charcoal or even crop and animal residues to meet their basic energy needs,

Transcare Agencies Limited

Brief Profile: Transcare is in the business of fabricating institutional cookstoves. They have been able to mimic the functioning of a pressure cooker using hot water. The cookstove is fabricated in a way that it uses steam to be able to supplement its cooking. Transcale locally fabricates the cook stoves using locally sourced materials and

Rafode ltd

Brief Profile: RAFODE is a growing non deposit taking Microfinance Institution Headquartered in Kisumu Kenya. It is a high quality micro financial services Institution which leverages Information Communication Technology (ICT) to manage its operations efficiently and which enables it to scale rapidly in rural areas as it delivers better services to clients. Their main focus

Nilger Ventures Limited

Brief Profile: Nilger ventures deals with the production and sales of biodiesel from waste vegetable oils. Biodiesel produces less harmful emissions as compared to fossil fuel and it also saves the problem of disposal of waste vegetable oil for restaurant and hotel operators. Entrepreneur Name:Gertrude Segera Email:nilgerventures@gmail.com Phone number:721878472 Website:N/A Location:Homabay Thematic Area:Renewable energy


Brief Profile Maxfinleys tools & instruments is a shop where solar pumps are manufactured. The entrepreneur sought to solve water supply challenges. Only 9 out of 55 public water  service providers in Kenya provide continuous water supply. In addition to this, available water pumps in most rural areas are made of metal, which disintegrates from

Kijiji Power

Brief Profile: Kijiji Power Ltd is a spin off Company from Renewable World East Africa which has been developing community owned micro-grids for the last 8 years. The company develops, runs and operates mini-grids in the rural off-grid communities of Africa starting with East Africa. The company’s mini-grid solution serves residents in rural, off-grid, under-served

CIST East Africa Limited

Brief Profile: CIST Africa Ltd. is a family owned business started in 2013 to produce bioethanol from water hyacinth and molasses. The ethanol produced is for domestic consumption and one requires a special cook stove, which is currently being imported from China. They have two types of cookstoves: a double burner and a single burner.

Bio Afriq Energy Limited

Brief Profile: Bioafriq Energy is a Kenyan based social enterprise that develops dryers for drying farm produce to reduce post-harvest losses. The dryers are fueled by both biomass briquettes and biomass pellets that are produced by recycling waste agricultural biomass. Entrepreneur Name: James Nyamai Email: info@bioafriqenergy.com Phone number: 0724161707 Website: http://www.bioafriqenergy.com Location: Machakos Thematic Area: