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Happy new year message from KCIC

This year will see us at KCIC implementing the first year of our new strategy which focuses the work of the center around three themes; incubation, finance and awareness creation of climate smart technologies. This will be implemented through the deliberate support of the private sector specially the small and medium enterprises that are looking

Supporting agribusiness entities with cold chain solutions

Enterprise Projects Ventures is an agricultural technology company which manufactures InspiraFarms. The company was established in 2012 in Guatemala and set up offices in Kenya in 2014 to service the East African region.  The initial engagement was focused on the small holder dairy industry specifically relating to the creation and development of a farmer cooperative,

Empower a farmer in the strawberry value chain on M-Changa

Due to the impact of climate change, increasing population and smaller land sizes, smallholder farmers are finding it difficult to survive under the traditional livelihoods systems such as growing conventional crops. There is increasing incidences of poverty and malnutrition, negating decade’s old effort to eradicating these vices. Eco Agribusiness Limited (EAL) is a social enterprise

SEFA grants US $1 million to prepare an innovative community-owned hydropower project in Kenya

The African Development Bank (AfDB)-managed Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) approved a US $992,000-grant to support the preparation of 7.8-MW hydropower project (HPP) in Kenya. The project is based on standard run-of-the-river technology, but features an innovative community ownership structure, where financial returns will also accrue to members of the Mutunguru community in Central Kenya, mainly due

Help Eco-charcoal Limited successfully develop their innovative strategy of ecosystem conservation and climate change mitigation

An innovative strategy of ecosystem conservation and climate change mitigation Protection and conservation of a 10 hectares forest through sustainable eco-charcoal briquettes production and indigenous tree planting Eco-charcoal Limited, formerly known as Kasigau Tree Farm project, is the story of a common passion for a magnificent environment made up of dryland forest , mostly called

Chaff Energy have started a fundraiser for clean cook stoves and fuel processing project

We are a social enterprise established in 2015 after recognizing the need to improve energy efficiency through developing, manufacturing and distributing improved cook stoves and processed dry agricultural biomass fuel otherwise considered as waste. This type of waste is abundant, free and underutilized. Chaff Energy seeks to tap into the underutilized fuel sources that will

KCIC CEO Edward Mungai among 24 Leaders Selected for Eisenhower Fellowship Program

Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC)’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Edward Mungai is among 24 African leaders selected for the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship (EF) 2016 Program.The 24 visionary African leaders working in government, business and civil society across eight countries, will embark on a seven-week journey throughout the United States to engage in a transformative exchange

New opportunities in clean technology sector – Lessons from kenya and beyond

New opportunities in clean technology sector – Lessons from kenya and beyond – 12th July 2016 at Strathmore University 9.00am – 2.00pm 

Fruit Jams fresh from farm

Eco Agribusiness Limited (EAL) is a company that value adds fruits namely, strawberries, tree tomatoes, passion, pineapples, mangoes and oranges.  The company currently has five product lines, which include Jams, Chutneys, Fruit pulps, Fresh fruits, and marmalade. All these products have since been selling in the Kenyan market. They first sold in small supermarkets but

Kuku Bora establishes processing plant

Kuku Bora established a commercial indigenous chicken processing plant. The business is leveraging on the existing high production of indigenous chicken (over32million birds) as well as opportunities for private public partnership specifically with Bungoma county government. The company specializes in indigenous chicken products supplied to a large network of markets within Kenya and entirely EAC