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Author: Zachary Mikwa

Trees are Talking to Each Other

Do trees talk to each other? Do they develop friendship? Do they take care of their young ones? In short, do trees communicate

What are the Kenyan youth doing to support implementation of the SDGs?

Youth around the globe are seizing the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the sustainable development goals. In Kenya, the university students are increasingly using the power of their collective voice to advocate, lobby and lead campaigns towards adopting sustainable practices and policies. Growing up in a country characterized by advancing technologies and information

Lifting the veil: Recognizing the important role of climate entrepreneurs in the marketplace

Have we for so long interpreted capitalism too narrowly? As we seek to answer this question, we ought to think clearly about the role and mission of an entrepreneur within this dimension. Do entrepreneurs exist only to maximize profits? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. However, if we hold the former view about entrepreneurs, we may end

Strengthening green enterprises in Kenya

Kenya’s potential for climate entrepreneurship is high, and the country’s dynamic high-growth entrepreneurs are helping lead the country toward its green growth goals. By scaling innovative business solutions to local climate challenges, their contribution is not only limited to Kenya but spans beyond the national boundaries to other areas in the region. Kenya boasts of