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Author: Arnold Muthanga

Conventional or Organic Farming?

“Economic growth and an increasing total global population have driven the human civilization into resource-intensive diets. Convectional farming has traditionally fulfilled the course of increasing demand but has largely falling short of addressing an equally important problem of climate change, prompting the gradual shift to organic farming” Conventional farming is characteristic of high-input modern agriculture

Green Financing

Today, human civilization faces a pressing problem of increasing global vulnerability to climate change that demands urgent action towards the reduction of carbon emissions. Unfortunately, global warming and the collective idea of climate change has greatly been attributed to economic activities with the aspiration for value maximization. Inexplicably, the banking industry constitutes the principal component

Asset or Risk? Repositioning Kenya’s Youth in Agribusiness

Africa has the world’s youngest population. As the Ibrahim Forum report observed in 2019, a staggering 60% of Africa’s population was under the age of 25 years. Additionally, the Population Reference Bureau projects that by 2030, the population of young people in Africa -those below 35 years of age- will constitute 75% of the continent’s population, accounting

  • Arnold Muthanga
  • September 3, 2020
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A wind’s teeth – Understanding locusts

A wind’s teeth – Understanding locusts From the ultimate biblical plagues to the modern times of natural disasters, none has stood out in resemblance like that of the locusts. The concept of climate change better explains this disaster. Cross-referencing our notes with those of the old days Egyptians, locusts fly along with the wind or

Vertical gardens the best alternative of farming

Inferring from global demographics, it is conclusive to say that the mortality rates are declining as a result of increasing living standards that closely relate to the industrial revolution. Consequently, the world’s demand for resources has increased, among them food. As a result of unmet food security and nutrition targets amidst the burgeoning human population, about 820 million people

  • Arnold Muthanga
  • February 20, 2020
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Technological trends in waste management

Technological trends in waste management On the precepts of waste hierarchy, most preferred waste management approach is minimization. Alternatively, as an option to where waste can not be prevented, there should be measures put in place for material and energy recovery as well as remanufacturing and recycling. The global waste volume is however increasing thus

Alternatives in Water Management Key to Sustainability

Developing countries are in episodes of rapid urbanization driven by surging populations  and industrialization.

  • Arnold Muthanga
  • November 18, 2019
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The Link; Climate Change and Wildfires

The lack of access to finance is one of the most prevalent challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face.

Tackling Plastic Pollution

At human convenience, we quench our thirst from home or office dispensers. We also at times prefer ‘take away’ beverages.

Trees Are Capable of Taking in Heavy Metals

Trees Are Capable of Taking in Heavy Metals The advent of human civilization which has seen astounding advancements in all spheres of life has brought up climate ruination through pollution. Pollution ensues with every human desire to better their life at the expense of the environment. The growing deterioration of the environment now necessitates appropriate