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Why You Should Join a Professional Body

  • By Solomon Irungu N
  • July 21, 2019
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Why You Should Join a Professional Body

Members of different practices and professions in Kenya need to coalesce and collectively aim at solving a problem within their field of practice. Whereas there are several professional bodies in Kenya, numerous careers and practices are yet to establish societies where they can synergize on, not only their career advancements, but also solving a challenge or two in the Kenya community.

It is normally prescribed that these associations ought to have members with profound proficiency and esoteric knowledge in their fields of practice. But in spite of having this expertise, it is crucial to note that there is no person in this world who has the monopoly of knowledge. Therefore, these career bodies come in to aid in the exchange of knowledge on the rapidly metamorphosizing world of skills.

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Further, these associations are considered important in motivating their members to serve in line with the global standards and best practices in their respective fields. Some of the existing associations recommend that their members must pass an examination offered by a recognized body and have a practicing license while others demand that their members must take an oath offering themselves to serve humanity with their skills, for example the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board and the Law Society of Kenya for doctors and lawyers respectively. These professionals’ boards also require their members to exercise a high level of individual autonomy in their judgement while in their practice; avoiding decisions that would discredit their profession.

There are also other associations like the Association of Sustainability Practitioners in Kenya (ASPK) that brings together business executives and sustainability champions from diverse sectors in Kenya, notwithstanding the one’s profession, with the common goal of promoting the practice of sustainability.

It is a mutual-interests association of practitioners that seeks to create a forum for multidisciplinary and professional discussion on sustainability. It is imperative to join such an association whether one is in another professional body or not because it works towards the common good of Kenyans. The unity brought about by such an organization is a prerequisite for achieving much because knowledge and resources are pooled to make a tremendous impact.

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Since some of the members are in practice, they are able to bring in their organizations to join in their common goal. Being part of an association or society is also important for personal development as one gets to flex their ideas and get important feedback on how to implement it.

This article was first published on The Standard by Solomon Irungu on Sunday 15th July, 2019