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Why Should Individuals Commemorate World Water Day?

  • By Brenda Mulunga
  • March 22, 2022
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Today marks “World Water Day ” with the theme: “Ground Water: Making the Invisible Visible”. Every year, March 22 is observed and celebrated as World Water Day to increase awareness about the importance of freshwater and the need to conserve it. This day is marked by encouraging individuals and corporations to take action to fight against the global water crisis.

The main focus of “World Water Day ” is to support the idea of Sustainable Development Goal 6, Water and sanitation for all by 2030, and help achieve this target. Due to the increasing temperature and the growing population, the world faces water scarcity. Climate change and deforestation have led many areas worldwide to be water scarce.

World Water Day was a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly conference on Environmental and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The agency adopted the resolution stating that every March 22 will be observed as World Water Day.

The day is promoted globally by UN agencies. The agencies motivate people to participate actively in the day’s promotional activities. These activities aim to encourage communities to address critical water issues.

KCIC supports clients who are on their way to achieving the SDG goal of “water and sanitation for all by 2030.” Being one of its core values in Water management, KCIC supports clients like Majik Water Limited, MIS Company Limited, Camie Quest Limited, Waterkiosk Limited, and Xynate Lab Limited. 

Majik Water company is harvesting clean drinking water from the air in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya. They have developed a prototype that harvests 10 litres of water in 24 hours in relative humidity areas of 55%. 

MIS Co Limited is in the development of water management irrigation systems. The enterprise has innovated a shower drip mobile irrigation system. The system addresses water scarcity in agricultural production and reduces the high consumption of fossil fuels (petrol/diesel), thus, reducing emissions. 

Quest Fresh purified spring water, a subsidiary of Camie Quest limited aims to make drinking water safe, affordable, and available to all. The organization has developed a cost-effective grassroots water distribution model, the Water ATM, whose outlets operate in different locations. Filtration technology is used to consistently produce affordable, safe drinking water.

Waterkiosk Limited sells, supplies & distributes portable and affordable clean water, through the Winture® Planet Cube water desalination system.

Xynate Limited installs smart water meters, tests, and calibrates water meters and non-revenue water management.

There are nearly 2 billion people on earth who need water to sustain themselves, animals that also need water to drink, and those creatures that live underwater, this makes water a very crucial necessity for the survival of humans and animal species. Some of the ways that individuals can take part in World Water Day is by increasing awareness about water conservation and actively participating in water conservation projects. 

At home, one can monitor water consumption and figure out ways to save this precious resource. 

It is the small steps like these that will help conserve water and enable the world to achieve SDG 6. Such adjustments like enlightening individuals about switching their everyday activities to ways that can help in conserving water like using buckets instead of showers for bathing, turning the taps off when washing utensils, and ensuring there is no leakage will go a long way in preserving all living beings on the planet.

Our water bodies are the very foundation of humanity’s existence, therefore, we must keep them clean and pollution-free if civilization is to survive for another century.