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Sustainability is profitability

  • By Mwalya Wambua
  • April 1, 2021
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Over the years, every entrepreneur has been fixing their eyes on the returns from the business. Some businesses such as plastic processing and polythene paper processers have ended up being banned and others brought to untimely closure due to the unsustainability of the business in the long run. In the current era, the profitability and the returns on the investment have been equally prioritized. With high profit and less sustainable goals, the business engaging in the transaction is sure to fail at a point not far from its inception.

Every business needs an environment to operate in. Your online shop needs a floor space and a number of customers to remain in operation. The agribusiness will require a farm and means of transport for the ferrying of the raw materials and the produce. The profit may be maximized by reduced cost of production. What if the labor is replaced with the machines releasing harmful wastes into the environment? Do you think the society and other authorities will turn a blind eye? May be yes, but not in the long term, leaving your business exposed to regulatory risk.  The benefits of the organic farming may provide a reliable base of productivity in the present and days to come.

As we look into the numerous benefits that come with the new technology both in transport and communication, we should be concerned about the future of the environment, the social welfare as well as the economic progress of each individual in the society. The progress should not be selective but inclusive to all walks of life. The has to be based upon the solutions available to protect the environment. In this wake, the leaded and Sulphur fuels have been phased out. The products containing carbon have been tamed in such a way as to cushion the environment from air pollution. The car manufacturing companies have exhaust pipes with absorbers for the purpose of eliminating the possibility of releasing toxic carbon (IV) oxide and carbon (II) oxide. As the population of the world continues to grow, health of the dwellers has been a concern to many, the pollution, and the affordability of the new technological products being at the forefront.

There is always a direct connection between the sustainability and the profit margins realizable to a business. The 2018 FTSE of Russel investment report sheds light on this that every eye of the investor in the era aims at best ways to sustain the business considering all the dimensions.

Bank of America confirms this fact in its research of 2019 that companies engaged in SDGs are seen to perform better than their counterparts who do not or do it at lower levels if at all they do. PRI member institutions’ assets under management have risen 600% in the past decade, to over $80 trillion, as membership swelled internationally, from around 400 signatories to over 2,000 Tomorrow’s profits can be realized only if the today’s factors are well managed. If sustainability is considered and safeguarded in any industry, then the profit is guaranteed. Unfortunately, the reverse is not always true.