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Leveraging Hydroponics for Food Security and Climate Action

  • By KCIC Communications
  • June 14, 2023
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Easytech Farm Solutions Limited, a Kenyan agricultural technology company, is spearheading a transformative initiative that addresses both global climate impact and local food security challenges. In a world grappling with the consequences of climate change, Easytech’s innovative approach is making a significant difference in Kajiado County, in Kenya, where erratic weather patterns have disrupted agricultural productivity and threatened the region’s food security. The increased drought in the recent three years prompted Maricela Moraa, the visionary founder and CEO of Easytech limited, to take action. Witnessing first-hand the devastating effects of climate change on local farmers and pastoralists, she recognized the need for a sustainable solution that could mitigate the impact of climate change on food production.

Easytech’s flagship innovation, a hydroponic fodder production system, has emerged as a game-changer in the face of climatic uncertainties. By adopting this climate-smart agricultural technology, farmers and pastoralists in Kajiado County have gained a lifeline amidst prolonged droughts, floods, and unpredictable weather patterns. Through hydroponics, a soilless farming technique, a year-round cultivation of fodder with minimal water consumption and reduced space requirements is now possible. This method offers a sustainable alternative to traditional farming practices that are vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change in the area.

The impact of Easytech’s hydroponic fodder production system extends far beyond local communities. By promoting climate resilience at the grassroots level, Easytech is actively contributing to the global fight against climate change. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the adoption of hydroponics serves as a powerful example of how localized solutions can have a global impact. Recognizing the potential of Easytech’s climate-smart agriculture initiative, the company was accepted into the competitive KCIC GreenBiz Programme, a year-long incubation and mentorship program focused on supporting climate enterprises with sustainable innovations in Kenya and the East Africa region. Through KCIC, Easytech continues to gain invaluable mentorship, training, and access to a network of experts and like-minded entrepreneurs.

The knowledge gained during the KCIC GreenBiz Mentorship Bootcamps has further strengthened Easytech’s understanding of climate impact of hydroponic fodder production. As Easytech continues to expand its operations, their goal is to empower more farmers and pastoralists across Kenya to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices. The company aims to create a ripple effect, inspiring similar initiatives and fostering resilience in agricultural communities nationwide.

According to Maricela Moraa, the driving force behind Easytech’s success, emphasizes the need for and importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in combating climate change’s impact on food security. She encourages other entrepreneurs and MSMEs to harness the support and resources provided the KCIC GreenBiz Programme to drive sustainable innovation.

Easytech Farm Solutions Limited is not only reshaping the agricultural landscape in Kenya but also showcasing how localized climate-smart initiatives can contribute to the global fight against climate change. By bridging the gap between global concerns and local food security, Easytech paves the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for farmers, pastoralists, and communities in the region.