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KCIC to host virtual training ahead of financing award ceremony

  • By Pamela Okutoyi
  • November 20, 2020
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Kenya Climate Innovation Centre is set to host a virtual training ahead of a finance awarding ceremony where 49 SMEs will sign agreements to get access to Result Based Financing (RBF) and Proof of Concept grants.

The one-day event will bring together experts from KCIC Group and beneficiaries of the agribusiness programme from across the country. The training will explore the importance of the financing, the requirements for SMEs to be awarded and its future impact on the agribusiness sector.

At the webinar, industry professionals and enthusiasts will be provided with an opportunity to leverage decades of experience to share key messages to the attending guests.

Edward Mungai, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Climate Innovation Centre is the Keynote Speaker for the webinar which holds at 8.30AM on Friday, 20th of November, 2020.

The training will feature:

Edward Mungai – talking about the agribusiness program. Mungai will explain the county business innovation hubs and services to be provided under the programme as well as the view of the board members on proposed cases. In addition, he will highlight some of the POC and ESF success stories like Exotic and Koko Networks and the unsuccessful POC case studies.

Victor Ndiege, CEO, KCV – Introducing Kenya Climate Ventures and its relationship to KCIC. Ndiege will explain the purpose of the financing and share the funding terms and requirements for the SMEs. He will also discuss other funding initiatives by KCIC and the pipeline to KCV.

Makena Mworia, Director, Client Services at KCIC – Focusing on composition of clients and the transition from 200 to the 49 SMEs receiving funding. Makena will discuss the process flow of funding and total amount to be invested. She will conclude by explaining the technical assistance to be accorded to the SMEs as well as the cooperation by clients.

Ruth Ndegwa, Director, Corporate Services at KCIC – Talking about the role of Corporate services in the agribusiness program and the purpose of the training. She will highlight the required documentation, disbursement process and finally introduce the cooperate team trainers of the day.