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Ecosave Africa Ltd: All in one solution to water sanitation

  • By Vivian Kwame
  • November 18, 2020
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According to the World Health Organization, currently, 2.5 billion people lack access to clean water and sanitation and by 2030 a quarter of the population will lack clean water. In Kenya alone, 48 percent of Kenyans lack access to basic sanitation solutions.

Ecosave Africa Limited aims to give nature a fighting chance through their model product Ecotreat water digester. Ecotreat is a microorganism based organic detergent which breakdowns waste water and other organic wastes such as fats and grease, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, the product also eliminates odour.

“At Ecosave Africa Ltd, we do not advocate for transportation of waste, we treat the waste where it is and also make it reusable for agricultural purposes,” said Daniel Wanjiku the Director.

He adds that the inspiration to create the product came from his own experience with odour from overflowing septic tanks in an apartment he used to live in. He saw that there was a need to create a solution for the odour and while creating Ecotreat he realized he could treat water in the process.

The product can be used in households, industries, hotels, public washrooms, prisons as well as agricultural settings such as treatment plants, poultry farms, dairy farms to eliminate bad smell from the waste. The treated water on the other hand can also be recycled and used for limited irrigation purposes or disposed of, with no harm to the environment. The product also eliminates the formation of methane gas which is harmful to the environment if it absorbs the sun’s heat.

In addition to Ecotreat water digester, the organization also recently launched Oduorex toilet blocks which are used to absorb urine content and detoxify it before eliminating it. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, they had to withhold the product from the market given that their main target audiences were schools and hotels which had to close.

Having been in the market for close to 14 years, the organization has been able to work alongside the United Nations by supplying their products to their refugee camps. They have also managed to partner with the ministry of environment for projects such as the cleanup of Nairobi River and the river in Muchuki park also located in Nairobi. They are also a vendor to the UN global market and the UN embassy in Nairobi.

In line with the sustainable development goal; clean water and sanitation’s target to achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all by 2030, Daniel believes that it is achievable. However, Kenya still has a long way to go when it comes to wastewater management and sanitation.

“The goal is achievable. However, as a country, we are not focused on waste management and sanitation right now. With the rapid urbanization, projected population growth, and current levels of investments, access to clean water and sanitation will be challenging,”he adds.

Through their recent partnership with Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, the organization has discovered more opportunities in their sector. KCIC is assisting Daniel to set up a better planning structure for the business, develop a better understanding of their core values as well as explore different ideas to improve on their presence in the market.

The organization plans on slowly releasing Oduorex into the market as the covid-19 regulations continue to ease. They also intend to promote and set up their products in different countries aside from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Although through their partnership with Davis & Shirtliff, they have managed to penetrate seven East African countries’ markets’.