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Ukulima Tech sets up farming systems in South Sudan

  • By Elizabeth Onyango
  • August 11, 2017
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In South Sudan, a quiet town called Cueibet exists. A town that is more of a rural community which is subjected to food insecurity issues, poverty and infertile lands. The impact of climate change on food security and environmental stability adversely affects the human population.

In this respect, Ukulima Tech Ltd sought to reduce food shortages in the region by training and installing sustainable vertical farming systems to the community members through the use of locally available materials such as palm tree and mahogany wood. The success of this project was made possible through the support and partnership of CAMCO and Veterinaries Sans Frontieres.

“To This end we are extremely gratified and commend the two organizations for spearheading and providing the technical support to ensure implementation of the project,” noted Elizabeth Onyango, one of the founders of Ukulima Tech Limited.

The project is expected to contribute towards alleviation of poverty through empowering the women community members to attend to the farming system, feed their families as well as sell the surplus for a profit. It is also expected to build resilience for food systems and environmental sustainability despite the extreme effects of climate change within the geographical location.

Since its existence in 2015, Ukulima Tech has over the years been known for hanging, vertical, A-frame, raised garden beds and garden automation services. These products have been embraced by urban households in Kenya who have adopted them in their balconies, backyards and rooftops, walls and green houses. Home gardening has proven to be beneficial especially to those who wish to grow their own vegetables to reduce their expenditure. Some of the crops grown include green herbs, capsicums, strawberries, and other vegetables.

The move to South Sudan in an indicator of the willingness to adopt new technologies in adapting to climate change and contributing to food security across the continent.

If you would like more information on any of the Ukulima Tech products, kindly contact Elizabeth Onyango on +254 716774053

By Elizabeth Onyango