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Kenya School of Government visits KCIC to explore partnership opportunities

  • By Vivian Kwame
  • February 20, 2021
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Kenya School of Government (KSG) paid a visit to Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) with the aim of exploring partnership opportunities and learning more about the organisation in relation to the role they play towards the environmental and climate impact.

Through this visit, both KSG and KCIC were able to get a better understanding of each other and the projects that they are involved in.

“The main objective of this meeting, was to brief KSG on what KCIC has to offer and also for us to understand what KSG is involved in with the aim of exploring partnerships and synergies going forward,” Benjamin Mbarwa, program manager at KCIC said.

KSG offers research and training, consulting services and promotional courses centered around government administration including climate change and environmental impact assessment to the public sector and government institutions such as National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

The institution has also partnered with Danida who is also one of the funding bodies for one of KCIC.

“One of our partners, Danida, shared with us the idea of visiting KCIC as a great learning opportunity to enrich our student’s experiences in the climate change space,” said Dr. Antony Kamakia from KSG.

The climate change and environment space has proven to have a lot of potential that institutions and organisations can come together and explore so as to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. This can be done through trainings, funding opportunities, education, as well as consulting services. This in general creates awareness as well offer support towards a healthier environment.

“I believe that if we join hands with KCIC, we can impact more people and projects centered around promoting a safer environment,” Regina Kerubo from NEMA and a student at KSG said.

The students from NEMA were able to identify the opportunity that lies within the AgriBiz program across the eight counties and suggested a partnership idea which both organisations could explore.

KSG currently has a program in Isiolo county – KSG Isiolo Youth Innovation Centre, a program that focuses on youth empowerment in Isiolo county. This program presents an opportunity for both KCIC and KSG to partner given that KCIC is also focusing on empowering the youth in Isiolo county through the AgriBiz Program.

“This has been a rich source of experimental learning for our students and we appreciate KCIC for the good things that they are doing,” said Dr. Kamakia.

KCIC seeks to explore partnerships with organisations and institutions that are keen on promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).