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How Poseidon Pump Systems is harnessing energy from moving traffic

  • By admin
  • July 23, 2020
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Kenya and other developing countries are experiencing exponential growth in their populations leading to an ever-growing demand for domestic and industrial use as well as increased waste water. The existing infrastructure is struggling to sustain this growth leading to water shortages and poor handling of waste water resulting in various sanitary issues. 

Poseidon Pump Systems is now developing sustainable and eco-friendly technologies to tackle these issues while also keeping the costs of implementing or upgrading the infrastructure low.This technology being developed by the company is targeted at water service providers, local governments and irrigation schemes with an aim to lowering costs in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

The journey behind the company began in early 2016 when Michael Ondoro and I, third year Civil Engineering students at the Technical University of Mombasa at the time, were walking home across Nyali bridge during the evening rush hour. We deliberated on how we could utilize the traffic positively and the never-ending plague of water shortages in the city. The idea to try to harness the energy from moving traffic to pump water came was conceived. 

Initially we looked into the use of piezoelectric technology, but this would not be a sustainable way of harnessing the energy at an industrial scale. We then looked into a mechanical conversion of the weight of the vehicles into usable energy. We began working on the idea in 2017 and were later joined by Samuel Kisuu. We participated in the Water Sector Trust Fund Kenya Water Week and as a team won first place in innovations for water management. 

This earned us a grant that would later help us develop our first prototype. Later that year, we formed Poseidon Pump Systems company. In 2020, our company was taken in for incubation by Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) and working together with them, we are looking forward to initiating the pilot of the system. The company also hopes that the technology will help Kenya with its vision 2030 goals as well as Sustainable Development Goal Six about clean water and sanitation for all.

The company also seeks to create employment opportunities by manufacturing the systems within the country. We are also looking into developing smaller pump systems for domestic use in areas where water pressure issues are dominant and reducing the costs incurred by the common citizen using smaller electricity powered pumps to pump water.

The writer of this article is a co-founder at Poseidon Pump Systems, a company that develops and builds bespoke pumps for water and waste water management that operate on a low Carbon footprint as they do not run on fossil fuels or electricity. They harness energy from moving traffic on the roads.