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4C-K Conference: Ensuring private sector commitment to sustainability

  • By Pamela Okutoyi
  • October 13, 2021
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All is set for the first edition of the Conference on Corporate Commitment to climate change to go ahead of the COP26 on 10th November 2021. The event, themed Corporate Commitment to Climate Change (4C-K), will feature virtual sessions and physical events at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The event is organized by the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC), in partnership with KCIC Consulting (KCL), Nation Media Group (NMG), Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KePSA) and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). It will provide a platform for Kenyan private stakeholders to network and deepen their commitment to sustainable development, implementation and monitoring of climate change commitments. 

The Corporate Commitment to Climate Change (4C-K) conference will explore some of the key themes that align with COP26 and the private sector’s role in ensuring effective and equitable climate action. 

The conference will convene 50 leading corporate leaders and an international audience of senior business leaders, policymakers, climate experts, academics and NGOs. With a focus on interactivity, critical features in the virtual environment will include keynote speakers from development and international organizations championing climate actions in Kenya, panel discussions and plenary sessions among organizations participating in the conference. 

This conference, built on the backdrop of a global climate crisis, seeks to rally the private sector and key stakeholders to take climate mitigation and adaptation actions. 

Commenting on the importance of the private sector in solving the climate crisis, KCIC CEO Dr. Edward Mungai said, “Climate change is the biggest threat that is facing humanity in the 21st century. Therefore, the private sector has a real need to act as far as climate change is concerned. This is why KCIC is bringing you the 4C-K, an opportunity for corporate leaders to discuss and commit to how to dissolve the biggest challenge we are currently facing. It is, therefore, important for as many private sectors to join us to chart the way forward as climate change is concerned and to make the world a better place.”

It is cognizant of existing efforts made by both private and public sectors to avert the climate crisis and therefore seeks to motivate other players using current and documented case studies.  

The objectives of the conference include;

  1. Demonstrating the efforts of the private sector in mitigating climate change in Kenya 
  2. Identifying gaps and intervention in climate action
  3. Developing a national roadmap for a sustainable climate action driven by the private sector
  4. Promoting the concept of sustainability among private sector

The one-day conference will culminate into a national declaration symbolized by the private sector signing a ceremonial whiteboard to stamp their commitment to climate change. A senior government official, the chief guest at the event, will lead the corporations in signing the climate change 10-point charter.  

“Delegates present at the conference will develop a 10-point national commitment on climate change and sustainability. This commitment will be signed by all stakeholders as a representation of Kenya’s private sector declarations on climate change,” Dr. Mungai said.

Nation Media Group, the media partner of the conference, will enhance the importance of the event by broadcasting the opening session live on NTV. This will provide the public with a chance to explore the commitments set by the private sector on mitigating climate change. 

The private sector is a driver of the economy and is increasingly playing a more significant role in enhancing the country’s growth. Attending this conference will allow the industry to gain insight into their role in achieving a sustainable world, understand how climate risk impacts business models, and explore what a successful economic post-COVID-19 looks like and their role in driving a green recovery.  

“I am looking forward to the upcoming deliberations with stakeholders at this important conference. From here, the private sector ought to forge strategies together for implementing commitments to climate change to achieve a sustainable world,” Dr. Mungai added. 

The conference activities will also recognize the key initiatives that corporations are taking in Kenya and reward the top three companies embracing sustainable practices. A national call for applications will be launched in October and run for one month. A jury of three identified by the steering committee will shortlist applicants and recommend three companies based on agreed merits for the “Sustainable Company of the Year” awards.

To learn more and register for the 4C-K Conference, click this link: https://www.kcicgroup.org/the-4c-kenya-sustainability-conference/