Vincent Ogaya

Communication, Learning and Reporting Officer

My role is to support the delivery of Research and Policy as well as Reporting functions through sector analysis, advocacy engagements and reporting on KCIC programmes by integrating communication, research and advocacy tools. By analyzing priority issues including sector constraints across KCIC’s five thematic sectors, I guide the submission of policy recommendations grounded on evidence and experience from the private sector, and which are responsive to their needs and perspectives.

To improve reporting, I seek to enhance understanding of the impact of our programmes on livelihoods as a way of guiding programme management, strategy and learning.

My work complements the main business support given to SMEs by our Client Services team by ensuring the enterprises are supported to comply with enabling regulations; ensuring they have access to the latest research information within their sectors; and, by continuously demonstrating their competitiveness while projecting their socio-economic and environmental impact.

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”